How many of you have played the video game Mario kart 64.


Mario kart 64 came out February 10,1997. How many of you have played Mario kart 64 and who was your main. Mario,Luigi,peach,toad,yoshi,wario or donkey Kong. What is your story of you and your copy of Mario kart 64.

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Ugly pre-rendered character sprites and item graphics, lifeless, bland environments that are graphically on par with Doom, extremely horrendous AI, nonexistent single player content, terrible controls, worthless battle mode, terrible Toad's Turnpike mirror grand prix, half-functional Yoshi Valley, items that barely work, and atrocious character balancing, what's not to love about Mario Kart 64?

At least it has a pretty good soundtrack.

Penguin Mario

🐧Penguins. Lots of them.🐧🐧🐧🐧

Though back when I actually played it, I used Toad primarily because Mario sounded like a dork and preferred the lighter weight class.

If I was forced to go back, Mario would be my primary main, but there's little reason to play it today.

The game is broken however, and CPUs go ridiculously fast. If you lose sight of them, they can AND WILL go really fast so you better have them in your eyes or else they'll just speed away and you'll never see them again because Red Shells have ridiculously poor tracking.

Extra Mode Toad's Turnpike was horrible and I hated Banshee Boardwalk, Yoshi Valley, Sherbet Land probably more than any other track in the series though Vanilla Lakes and Choco Islands from Super Mario Kart do come close.


Flawed as it is, I had the original cartridge when it was new and I have it digitally on my Wii U to this day. The only things I actively dislike are Bomb Karts being present in Vs Mode and the Red Shells having poor tracking.

Victory Lap, the game's credits theme, is practically the best frikkin' thing ever; love that song!