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There's this website called where you enter a short synopsis and an artificial intelligence generates a story based on it. Entering Mario-related material would be nothing short of absurd; in fact, I'm here to show you what the AI made for me based on my input (written in bold). It would be fun to see what you guys get :)

Donkey Kong has eaten his last banana. He turns over the last banana in his mouth, a banana in his mouth, a banana in his stomach, a banana in his feet…the banana in his face, in his mouth…and then, of course, to his stomach. If he doesn't eat a banana before the end, he dies. At this point, he has given up. He is at his last mercy. He is the last one left.

At the end, Donkey Kong walks to a sign which reads "Kong's Last Banana."

"That's me," Donkey says.

"Kong's Last Banana."

From then on, Donkey Kong has been to various other signs, but all signs except this one point to the conclusion that KONG IS MADE OF BANANAS and that his body can only ever hold one.

The following day, the Kongs are sitting around the house doing nothing. They both have the same thought in their mind.


The next day


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for a second I misread the title as "stories made by AL"

Now it makes more sense.

And now I must ponder this deep thought, just what IS with the bananas joe?


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It made a leak for me:

Mario, Mario, MARIO!

The Game Boy Color version of Kid Icarus: Uprising features the full 3D action and exploration of the game that Super Famicom-era games such as the original Kid Icarus have. It's only available for the Game Boy Color and is available for $29.99.

Watch the trailer and learn more about the game:

Download and play:

Kid Icarus: Uprising Game Boy Color release date: April 29, 2016


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Mario walks into Peach's Castle.
His heart has stopped. Mario looks around and sees Peach's head sitting on the stump of Bowser's body. Mario tries to talk to her. She says: "It isn't my fault... I didn't want to have another baby. I just wanted to be able to have another one. You have to help me." She then asks him if he loves her. Mario starts crying and says that he doesn't. She then tells him to go and look for something.

He runs into Bowser Jr. and says that he is here to save the Princess. Bowser Jr. starts getting nervous. He wants to save Peach, but Mario tells him she will be okay, but he has to hurry. Bowser Jr. then tells Bowser to look for Princess Peach. Mario is scared for Peach's safety and he is worried for the Princess. In the end the baby Luigi and Mario manage to defeat Bowser Jr. and rescue the Princess. Bowser then cries and runs away and tells Mario it is his fault. He then looks for the Princess. The kids see the Princess is gone.
Holy crap, this got dark.


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Bowser talks to his son on his bike. Bowser (in his new attire) arrives.

Kong: You have a secret project that could destroy all the world's heroes! How did you get in touch with me?

Bowser: I went to see the hero of Metropolis – and there he is, talking to a frog. The frog explained to me that Bowser can have a secret project, which I would have to destroy all the world's heroes. Then Bowser's super hero friends came, and they explained to me that they would fight me with all their might... I'm gonna lose, I'm sorry.

Kong: You're the hero!

Bowser: Thank you.

Kong: You'll lose, but I won't take that as a defeat. Go, Bowser!

(Bowser starts a Super Mario Bros. Level - The End).

Kong: The heroes came back, but Bowser was dead. So they all came back, and they won.

Bowser: No, they


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Yoshi kidnaps Baby Mario for a change, Baby Luigi is in tears of joy when he receives the Mushroom Kingdom, Baby Peach is terrified from a sudden attack of the evil Bowser, and Baby Princess Toadstool is happy to have a new home on Mushroom Kingdom's shore. All of these characters are portrayed with great dignity by the voice actors who portrayed them by using authentic voice over audio.

In addition to voice over, each of the Mario series has at least one special game that was not part of the normal Mario Kart series. This game is usually a bonus game included alongside the main game. In Mario Kart, most of these games are based on different sports, such as motorcycle racing, car racing, skateboarding, pinball machines, and golf games. Other series titles, such as Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Kart 2, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 did not have these special games.

One of the rarest of all games, a special game for which the original Super Mario Kart did not contain a "special game", was Mario Kart: Double Dash!! for the Game Boy Advance. While not directly part

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Wario goes grocery shopping. He buys a box of potato chips. Mario and Yoshi watch him go and then they walk back up, and they notice that it's dark outside.

After a moment, Mr. Sloth appears beside Bowser and tells them that the shop was a success. Now Mario and Yoshi are walking across the streets of Mario's Village when Bowser comes out, and he begins hitting him with his cane.

Mario runs to help, and Bowser tries to get away, but not enough, and he hits a potted plant and sends them crashing down. It sends Donkey Kong flying. Donkey Kong catches the fall, and he runs over the potted plant. He is knocked out by the impact, and Bowser begins to chase him, and Mario begins to run away. After Mario and Donkey Kong jump behind the potted plant, Bowser goes and steals the gold star and the Golden Leaf from Mario's Leafy Woods. Meanwhile, Mario, Peach, and Yoshi arrive at Peach's Castle. Mario and Yoshi start to play again. At the top of Peach's Castle, there is a tree, with a
who the fuck is mr. sloth and why did my story stop being about wario


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Bowser gets a Super Crown

I'm going to get this straight right now as soon as I put this out… Super Crowns belong to the most boring character ever.

In Mario Bros., Bowser uses four, the highest of which is a Super Arrow that hits multiple times. He gets a Super Crown upon defeating each of the five King of Blocks.

This doesn't seem like the greatest way to earn them though.

It should be noted that these aren't the only super crowns in the game though. In the 2D Super Mario World, Bowser had two super crowns: his crown and a Super Mushroom he was able to use.

He had four super crowns in the Super Smash Bros. Brawl's remake Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

This is all just the sort of thing I can get behind.
I wanted to see what it would give me, and I am not disappointed XD King of Blocks for next Mario platformer!


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Pink Donkey Kong Jr. burst into the room, akimbo-style and immediately proceeded to smash through the wall, causing the camera to zoom out while the sound cut in with him smashing through even the highest ceiling.

The rest of the show ended with the scene of the Banana Kong family, standing over the camera, watching the broadcast. The voiceover for the final cut was the same as on the DVD:

"The Banana family is watching the broadcast of the Big Nintendo Network, hoping in vain to catch any of their favorite characters in a game. However, when the camera zoomed out in their living room, they were surprised to find their favorite Donkey Kong sitting alone on a couch, staring blankly into the cameras, as if he's lost in his own thoughts.

And just then, a voice comes over the PA and says, "There is a small update in the queue for today's broadcast. Our heroes will have to go down the Donkey Kong Jr. family staircase to the basement and enter the Banana house, where he has been hidden for so long. Donkey Kong Jr., get ready!" And with that, the

The Dark Core

And it’s just begun!

Mario Jr. 3" as he appears in the Nintendo 3DS game "New Super Mario Bros. Wii." The Super Mario Odyssey logo is seen on the game box. It also appears in other merchandise, such as Nintendo's 3DS eShop.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii The Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Super Mario Bros. Wii logo.

Also appearing on the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Super Mario Bros. Wii cartridge are the Super Mario Bros. Wii-exclusive logos for Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros 2, as well as an image of the Super Mario Bros. Wii cover. The latter appeared in the Japanese Nintendo 3DS eStore version of the game, while the former was found on the Game Boy Advance version of Super Mario Bros. 3. Although the Nintendo 3DS version may have been released later than the Nintendo 3DS eStore release of Super Mario Bros. 2, the images appear to be from before August 2008.[7]


A Super Mario Bros. logo. A Super Mario Bros. logo. A Super Mario Bros. logo in the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Super Mario Bros. Wii. A