Stages, karts and characters suggestions for Mario Kart Tour


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With a new Mario Kart on the horizon, let's get some suggestions going
Diamond City
Gangplank Galleon
Mario Zone from SML2
A stage taking place in a library
A stage taking place in a average neighborhood
A stage taking place in one of the cities in Africa to dismantle stereotypes
GBA Rainbow Road
A stage taking place at a concert
A track from Stunt Race FM
A track from one of the two Famicom Rally games
A golf course

A kart based off the Carrot from SML2
Mr. Eraser
S.S Dolphin
A kart shaped like a console
A kart that looks like Mario's hat
A plane
A kart shaped like a burger
An invisible kart
The Sonic Speedstar
Virus Beaker
A kart shaped like a shoe

All the Broodals
E. Gadd
Anyone from Warioware
Dixie Kong
Cranky Kong
King K. Rool
Marry O


remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
hye. hey. pauline made it in. theres a few other odyssey things in here. cappy is pretty likely right. right?
also i appreciate that stanleys existence is being aknowledged in this post


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This is the one game where I don't want any more characters that I'm not interested in. It's one of the few games where a bigger roster with characters you don't play as worse: you can thank the gambling loot box garbage in this game.


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Fawful, I'll never not push for more of the Marioverse to be represented in Mario Kart and he's my #1 pick so....

I'd rather him debut in a traditional console Mario Kart 9 rather than this gacha-ridden mobile game but I'll take what I can get.

Pauline should be a shoo-in at this point, she's hinted at by the website but even without that, I'd be seriously concerned if the game didn't end up having her. The fact that Peachette was revealed first boggles my mind.

Princess Mario

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the less characters in mario kart tour, the better as we minimize the chances someone who genuinely likes a character and has spending problems get preyed and exploited on


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i just wanna mod this game to give Rosalina the perfect voice she deserves for the 20th time in a row.

that's all.


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I mean, I always feel like sonic needs to be dlc in mario kart someday. I mean he has his own kart racing series, so it shouldn't be really difficult to come up with an idea. We could have Green hill Zone or City escape as a track, or any sonic racing track.


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I get that he's not in it because he's from a spin-off, but I'd love to have Fawful as a playable. And of course all the PM partners.

For stages..
- I agree a Mario Factory would be fantastic, esp if they blended it with Yoshi's Cookie Factory.
- A bridge course would be fun, with a combination of elements from smb1 cheep cheep & blooper bridges, smb3 big bertha's & smw2 chain chomp bridge