Super Mario Maker 2

I managed to upload a 37th course in Super Mario Maker 2. You have to use the On/Off Switches for the Conveyor Belts and Blocks in order to get the Bob-ombs not touch the Burner Flames. This course only has 4 rooms.

Bob-ombs and On/Off Switches ID: HPP-FR0-GVG

Edit from September 10th: I managed to upload a 38th course in Super Mario Maker 2.

Two Screens Pink Coins Finding 6 ID: 711-TQ3-SLF
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I managed to upload two more courses. There a total of 40 Courses that I uploaded as of right now.

The Dark Rooms ID: CMT-16P-4LG
The Two Screens Challenge 3 ID: CRY-439-TWF


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Another from TheBourgyMan

I managed to upload a 41st course and it's an another sequel course from SMM1. It's an actual hard course.

Survive the Super Stars & Traps 2 ID: 4T8-JWH-80H

Edit from October 15th: I managed to upload two more courses.

Find a way to beat Time! 6 ID: BSS-9PT-WSG

Cat Book Clawing ID: 07V-55J-LDF

Edit from October 17th: I managed to upload a 44th course in SMM2.

The Auto Castle 3 ID: 66L-Q7W-VPG

Edit from October 28th: I managed to upload a 45th course which it's a Halloween themed course.

Luigi's Halloween Mansion Mobile App ID: LLW-R00-83G
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Hey it's still not out of the realm of possibility they re-add it in an update. They did say more course parts were coming, and maybe they needed time to get the licensing sorted out for the 3rd party costumes. Or they're trying to implement them in 3/World too with unique sprites, which would take longer to make.


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man id LOVE costumes to be back!!! but im just not expecting them anymore since they werent in the base game
they were really charming its sad to see them just be gone for some reason
I managed to upload a 46th course in SMM2. You have to use the POW Blocks in order to get the Magikoopas not trigger those On/Off Switches.

POW Blocks Survival Castle ID: BGT-6GC-GGF

Edit from November 23rd: I managed to upload 3 more courses.

Survival Dash through Thwomps 4 ID: 7V0-0YG-TDG
10-Coin Maze ID: 9CQ-WTB-1PF
Claw Castle Sky 3 ID: 7DP-0QS-91G

Edit from November 26th: I managed to upload a 50th course in SMM2. I am working on a Thanksgiving course and it will might possibly be uploaded it this week.

Lava Rising Climbing Castle ID: 7D3-9CS-62G

Edit from November 27th: I managed to upload a 51st course and this is a Thanksgiving course as well.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunting ID: 5W3-FT4-89G
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This has got to be the most incredibly unique power-up they've come up with. Bombs, bow and arrow, sword, dash attack from Link's Awakening, down thrust! This may help restart my SMM2 addiction.


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
ya im pretty excited!! and i just realised i . Still dont have the game. i guess ill only end up getting it around new year


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Now this is the shit I like to see. Solid update all around. I also didn't even know I wanted them to essentially start making an official Super Mario Crossover... but now that the door's been opened, sure, why not (but only secondary to adding as much diversity in the enemies/items/blocks as possible.) Damn, that Master Sword item really basically added a new game altogether.

I still hope they do some important fixes/quality of life changes to the existing mechanics before going crazy with the new ones (namely adding Fire Bros/Porcupuffers to all modes, adding normal Bowser to the 3D World setting, allowing rising water/lava in all level themes, and making the gameplay changes upon entering night mode optional.)

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i stopped playing mario maker 2 pretty early on mainly because joycon drift turned level-making into a much more tedious process than it should be, but i just got some new joycons so this update is perfectly timed
the new items look pretty good, although some of them made me think "it wasnt in the game already?" like pokey and p blocks
also the master sword is a way better alternative to the mystery mushroom, even if it only lets you use one new character instead of like a hundred
I'm supposing that they cut Costume Mario because of two main reasons:

1. It could potentially wreak havoc on multiplayer levels
2. Link, as well as possibly other characters being added later on