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So there have been numerous reports about Mario Maker 2 for Switch with a lot of reports leading up to it possibly being announced. I believe in these rumors.
I am personally indifferent on the game. But what are your thoughts on it being possible and what you'd like to see?
Me personally, I'd like to see multiple playable characters including Peach and Daisy playable in Mario Maker for Switch.

EDIT 2/13/2019: Here's the announcement trailer.
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I think it's not gonna be Mario Maker 2 but rather a port called Mario Maker Deluxe or something.

Also if there's a sequel the poor 3ds version will become completely pointless.
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Kirby and Dedede said:
Roll and Maria Renard said:
Me personally, I'd like to see multiple playable characters including Peach and Daisy playable in Mario Maker for Switch.
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That was at a time where Nintendo were lazy in trying to implement more characters. With Super Mario Run, they implemented Peach and Daisy. They can do it this time around.
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I think we'll be lucky to get Luigi as a non-costume playable character. I definitely do want him, but no need to over-complicate things going beyond the Bros. when the dev time should go towards new level features, like slopes, customizable boss health, more power-ups & enemies, more themes/backgrounds, etc.
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Actually have each game have its original physics, instead of the NSMBU physics that feel off.
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Honestly, I would be satisfied if we just got new objects, as really liked the original Super Mario Maker.
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I wouldn't exactly be hyped for Mario Maker 2.

I got the superior fangame anyway.
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I don't think it's coming so soon after NSMBUDX.
Still, I'd like an on-the-go Mario Maker with some new stuff like slopes etc. (of course) and maybe Luigi as a new playable character. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they branded it as Super Mario Maker DX and kept everything the same besides a couple new features.

Of course, what I really want is a 3D Mario Maker, since I prefer 3D over 2D. That's not as likely to happen at all unfortunately.
It's finally announced.
I like the work around for the lack of gamepad.

I like the 3D world stuff.

I like it.
I am still keeping my hopes up for multiple playable characters like Peach, Daisy, Toad, and Rosalina. I mean fans would want to play as those.

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Yes we know what you want. Don't turn into a broken record.
So they're going to have 2D versions of 3DWorld. I wonder why they wouldn't take the opportunity to add SMB2. (Someone else had done a nice rendition of it, and it was nice to see how goombas and koopas translated into it. Didn't even realize they didn't have slopes in the first game. I though I remember seeing them do the slide on the YT series I have been following).
I spy Cat Toadette
Really curious about that koopa driving a car.
DUUUUUDE. The rest of the direct didn't even stand a chance against this for me. They really went all out and I can't wait to get my hands on this game!

I just hope this doesn't mean Toadette is going to replace Peach because that would suck. I mean the demand for Peach is very high and we got her in Super Mario Run and we have Peachette in NSMBU Deluxe. It would be simple to port Peach's assets from Super Mario Run over to the engine and her animations while creating new models and animations for the power ups.