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Monty Mole
For those who don't like the sad looking "angry" sun of the SMBU style, apparently, a glitch is that if you overlay a bunch of them (he uses 20), then you'll get a more realistic looking "sun", though it wont have a face; it looks more like an intense ray coming at you:


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Here are my courses that I uploaded:

1-1: Straightforward Plains (LBF-WJR-CNG)
1-2: Underground Passage (S3S-W2H-WQF)
1-3: Slippery Slopes (J74-HL7-WYG)
1-4: Cheep Cheep River (0PC-M1F-L5G)
1-⬛: Dangerous Dungeon (XRH-8H0-3CG)
2-1: Dry Dry Wasteland (VX0-M9C-LKF)

I made these with the intention of making them part of a full 40-course world, and I uploaded these all the way back in May 2020. Looking back, I feel like they're a little short and easy, so I might redo them and finally finish the Super World.

Thwomptastic Thrills! (KHX-Q26-S5G)

Going into this level, I wanted to make something truly challenging, so I made a course centered around riding Thwomps. The course took me several hundred attempts to beat, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

Mario Goes to Jail (TYW-KF2-8MF)

This level is an attempt to tell a stronger story. I used to make levels driven by a simple story in SMM1, such as "Nabbit robs the bank" and "Mario goes to a fairytale and turns into a frog", and I decided to try something like that in this level. I added comments to help drive the story more, and overall, I'm quite proud of this one.

I made a couple of other courses, and I initially planned for them to be part of a larger set, but I decided to drop those, because when trying to make a large set of courses, I tend to get overwhelmed and try to plan everything at once. When focusing on just one level, I can stay focused, which helps me execute my ideas better. This was the approach I took with the last couple of courses, which I think paid off.


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When do I unlock the Toad rescue clear condition? It's in various story mode levels but I can't find it in the course maker.

zelen !!

actual spore creature
you cant ... for some reason its just....... exclusive to the story mode lvls. alongside the stone block item and some other thing, another clear condition maybe? reallllllly weird decision