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For those who don't like the sad looking "angry" sun of the SMBU style, apparently, a glitch is that if you overlay a bunch of them (he uses 20), then you'll get a more realistic looking "sun", though it wont have a face; it looks more like an intense ray coming at you:


The Luigi-fied Goomba
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Here are my courses that I uploaded:

1-1: Straightforward Plains (LBF-WJR-CNG)
1-2: Underground Passage (S3S-W2H-WQF)
1-3: Slippery Slopes (J74-HL7-WYG)
1-4: Cheep Cheep River (0PC-M1F-L5G)
1-⬛: Dangerous Dungeon (XRH-8H0-3CG)
2-1: Dry Dry Wasteland (VX0-M9C-LKF)

I made these with the intention of making them part of a full 40-course world, and I uploaded these all the way back in May 2020. Looking back, I feel like they're a little short and easy, so I might redo them and finally finish the Super World.

Thwomptastic Thrills! (KHX-Q26-S5G)

Going into this level, I wanted to make something truly challenging, so I made a course centered around riding Thwomps. The course took me several hundred attempts to beat, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

Mario Goes to Jail (TYW-KF2-8MF)

This level is an attempt to tell a stronger story. I used to make levels driven by a simple story in SMM1, such as "Nabbit robs the bank" and "Mario goes to a fairytale and turns into a frog", and I decided to try something like that in this level. I added comments to help drive the story more, and overall, I'm quite proud of this one.

I made a couple of other courses, and I initially planned for them to be part of a larger set, but I decided to drop those, because when trying to make a large set of courses, I tend to get overwhelmed and try to plan everything at once. When focusing on just one level, I can stay focused, which helps me execute my ideas better. This was the approach I took with the last couple of courses, which I think paid off.


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When do I unlock the Toad rescue clear condition? It's in various story mode levels but I can't find it in the course maker.

Sonic the Hedgehog.

The Shoe-Wearing Speedy Hedgehog
I do not have an online account, but I will still tell you about my most recent level: an automatic level in the Super Mario Bros 3 style on the Airship theme. The clear condition is to defeat 42 piranha plants. In the beginning of the course, you ride on a shell and there is no need to use fireballs or whatever. The only piranha plant you can defeat without a shell is one that is crushed by a shellmet collected at the beginning of the course.