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Another thing I realized; SMB2 little Mario is omitted. IT would have been cool to include that, as in the original game, because it would allow you to be hit twice before falling back into SMB1 mode.
I personally think they should just let you toggle on "SMB2 Mario mode" or something and give you 2-4 hearts, then you die, so you can play the whole level as SMB2 Mario without having to place power ups everywhere. (And yes, he will become SMB2 little Mario on his last heart). Also applies to Link of course.
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Does anyone want to try Coins in the Sky? Im going to upload more courses soon. I'm working on a Lemmy-snow themed one right now.


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Hey, if you want to make a remake of a course from SMB2, I'd like to introduce my ideas for substituting enemies/items that is not present in SMM2:

  • Shy Guy → Goombrat
  • Sand → Cloud Block
  • Magical Potion → P Switch + P Door
  • Vegetable → Mechakoopa
  • Jar → Pipe
  • Pidgit → Lakitu or Goomba + Lakitu's Cloud or Koopa Clown Car
  • Beezo → Bullet Bill
  • Cobrat/Flurry → Monty Mole
  • Snifit → Rocky Wrench + Goombrat
  • Ninji → Hammer Bro
  • Panser → Fire Piranha Plant
  • Autobomb/Ostro → Goomba + Big Green Koopa Paratroopa (+ Lit Bob-omb)
  • Cherry → (Pink) Coin or just Hidden Block + Super Star
  • Trouter → Cheep Cheep
  • Crystal Ball and Mask Gate → Key + Key Door, with that door leading to the Goal Pole
  • Porcupo → Spiny
  • Tweeter → Paragoomba
  • Spark → Grinder
  • Mushroom Block → POW Block (though you have to softtoss it)
  • Birdo → Wendy + Cannon (+ Fire Piranha Plant)
  • Mouser → Iggy + Bill Blaster + Lit Bob-omb
  • Triclyde → Big Bowser Jr.
  • Robirdo → Big Wendy + Big Cannon
  • Clawgrip → Big Boom Boom + Bill Blaster + Mechakoopa
  • Wart → Bowser
  • Ace Coin → 10/30/50-Coin

I currently have no idea for Hoopster and Fryguy.

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Here someone tries to do something like this:

What I don't understand is why no one doing this is using the green striped semisolid platforms:

They're nearly identical to the original SMB2 platforms, and were already added in the last update or before (perhaps in anticipation of adding the SMB2 style to SMB1?) I hope they didn't do away with them in the update (like to make space for something else or something).
(Also, why this guy says he has to use doors or empty troughs in place of the Cobrat pots, when those are obviously the same things as pipes).
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I managed to upload three more courses as a total of 85 courses. I managed to use another content from the 3.0 update such as the new Masks, Super Acorn, and Cursed Key.

Mario: Masters of Disguise ID: WTV-CJ7-PYG
Super Acorn Gliding with Style ID: 5S5-NPW-TTG
Find a way to beat Time! 8 ID: RTM-5KG-4LF


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SMB2 has many stages at night so, probably because of that.
I managed to upload two more courses as a total of 87 courses. The two of them are sequel courses with the content from the 3.0 update.

Dash Block run through P-Blocks 2 ID: TB1-208-W4G
Two Screens Pink Coins Finding 8 ID: BJG-F46-M6G

Edit from May 19th: I managed to upload three more courses as a total of 90 courses. I have about 10 empty slots left before finishing up completing 100 of them.

Race against Bowser 3 ID: QG2-M37-JYG
The Skewer Castle 2 ID: 0P3-HHD-BWG
Don't let Thwomp hit P-Switches 3 ID: D9S-N03-8XF
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