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Another thing I realized; SMB2 little Mario is omitted. IT would have been cool to include that, as in the original game, because it would allow you to be hit twice before falling back into SMB1 mode.
I personally think they should just let you toggle on "SMB2 Mario mode" or something and give you 2-4 hearts, then you die, so you can play the whole level as SMB2 Mario without having to place power ups everywhere. (And yes, he will become SMB2 little Mario on his last heart). Also applies to Link of course.
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Hey, if you want to make a remake of a course from SMB2, I'd like to introduce my ideas for substituting enemies/items that is not present in SMM2:

  • Shy Guy → Goombrat
  • Sand → Cloud Block
  • Magical Potion → P Switch + P Door
  • Vegetable → Mechakoopa
  • Jar → Pipe
  • Pidgit → Lakitu or Goomba + Lakitu's Cloud or Koopa Clown Car
  • Beezo → Bullet Bill
  • Cobrat/Flurry → Monty Mole
  • Snifit → Rocky Wrench + Goombrat
  • Ninji → Hammer Bro
  • Panser → Fire Piranha Plant
  • Autobomb/Ostro → Goomba + Big Green Koopa Paratroopa (+ Lit Bob-omb)
  • Cherry → (Pink) Coin or just Hidden Block + Super Star
  • Trouter → Cheep Cheep
  • Crystal Ball and Mask Gate → Key + Key Door, with that door leading to the Goal Pole
  • Porcupo → Spiny
  • Tweeter → Paragoomba
  • Spark → Grinder
  • Mushroom Block → POW Block (though you have to softtoss it)
  • Birdo → Wendy + Cannon (+ Fire Piranha Plant)
  • Mouser → Iggy + Bill Blaster + Lit Bob-omb
  • Triclyde → Big Bowser Jr.
  • Robirdo → Big Wendy + Big Cannon
  • Clawgrip → Big Boom Boom + Bill Blaster + Mechakoopa
  • Wart → Bowser
  • Ace Coin → 10/30/50-Coin

I currently have no idea for Hoopster and Fryguy.

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Here someone tries to do something like this:

What I don't understand is why no one doing this is using the green striped semisolid platforms:

They're nearly identical to the original SMB2 platforms, and were already added in the last update or before (perhaps in anticipation of adding the SMB2 style to SMB1?) I hope they didn't do away with them in the update (like to make space for something else or something).
(Also, why this guy says he has to use doors or empty troughs in place of the Cobrat pots, when those are obviously the same things as pipes).
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I managed to upload three more courses as a total of 85 courses. I managed to use another content from the 3.0 update such as the new Masks, Super Acorn, and Cursed Key.

Mario: Masters of Disguise ID: WTV-CJ7-PYG
Super Acorn Gliding with Style ID: 5S5-NPW-TTG
Find a way to beat Time! 8 ID: RTM-5KG-4LF


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SMB2 has many stages at night so, probably because of that.

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the semisolid really makes the difference tho
I managed to upload two more courses as a total of 87 courses. The two of them are sequel courses with the content from the 3.0 update.

Dash Block run through P-Blocks 2 ID: TB1-208-W4G
Two Screens Pink Coins Finding 8 ID: BJG-F46-M6G

Edit from May 19th: I managed to upload three more courses as a total of 90 courses. I have about 10 empty slots left before finishing up completing 100 of them.

Race against Bowser 3 ID: QG2-M37-JYG
The Skewer Castle 2 ID: 0P3-HHD-BWG
Don't let Thwomp hit P-Switches 3 ID: D9S-N03-8XF

Edit from June 3rd: I managed to upload 3 more courses that makes it a total of 93 courses as of right now. I have about 7 Course Upload Slots left in SMM2 and I'm still planning on finishing up the big ones that I was working on.

James Clark's Adventure Mobile App ID: QGL-P6S-14G
Claw Castle Sky 5 ID: LGR-7QG-BYF
Shoot the POW Blocks 3 ID: R49-1P0-BDG

Edit from June 22nd: I managed to upload 4 more courses that makes it a total of 97 courses as of right now. I have about 3 Course Upload Slots left in SMM2.

Round 1-1 (Bonk's Adventure NES) ID: W84-SJ3-L4G
Stage 1 (Ghouls 'n' Ghosts) ID: YYL-L48-VHG
DarkJake13's Chaos Tower Mobile App ID: 0NY-V6H-6JF
Survival Dash through Thwomps 6 ID: 2RL-S25-KYF

Edit from June 28th: I managed to upload a 98th course in SMM2. It's a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate related theme that has a Classic Mode style that it's a route for Mike Jones from StarTropics if he joins in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a DLC Fighter.

Mike for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ID: G7Y-PK0-TTF
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ok, so I don't know why I haven't shared some of those levels, but here are some juicy ones (in fact all of the ones I've created):

standard greenlands, course ID: 8G2-7L7-7HG

twister tragedy, course ID: GM5-6KN-FGG

casual trouble, course ID: 272-VMX-KKG

hats n' bones, course ID: 2RB-L9R-B0H

boomerang insanity, course ID: 69V-Q3S-XKF

Hdd Pth

Ths s bt whr dn't s vwls bt 'm ls Hdd Pth.
Oh btw I've had levels up for ages now, here's my Maker ID: 032-CG2-CRG.

I won't be able to see comments or anything because I uploaded all the levels with a free trial. :p But feel free to give comments and stuff!
I am planning to get NSO for myself soon though, probably in a month or two. Having more of my courses played (and critiqued if you wanna do that too) would be a nice "welcome back"!

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Here's a report on how the latest update is doing in online play.

Watching the "Endless" Challenges and "Multiplayer" on YT, it seems there is a heavy emphasis on the newest 3 game styles (W, U and 3DL), and when SMB1 is used, they still overwhelmingly favor the Link mushroom. SMB2 is actually used pretty sparingly, and the gameplay is usually limited pretty much to just riding Bills, as we see here in this morning's showing of RFK-TVB-GYG ("1234"), which is a very short course in which you just redirect one Banzai Bill to pass over eight others, and then the flagpole is right there. Many games, they will stick the SMB2 mushroom in at the very end, when you are coming out of the pipe or door to the flagpole, so you'll just get the SMB2 level clear theme (and nothing else through the level). Other times, the mushroom is there to be "played", with that thing they do where you move Mario below screen, and guide the object on screen through the level.
If Nintendo had known all this, they probably would not have bothered adding the SMB2 features.

I can understand why they all would like Link better, as you can do so much more with the sword, shield and arrows. There would probably have been more interest in SMB2 play if more of its features were available. What I would have done is make SMB2 its own separate style, and the SML mushroom would still be on SMB1, and Link would be on SMB2 (the bomb throwing sound is already similar to throwing something in SMB2, and the music sound is a bit more similar). More people would use the style then, if just for the Link play!

Here's another improvement in level creation:

For one, it uses the green bluff top platform (as I had suggested), and in daytime mode!
Then, even better way to simulate the vegetables: set a Bloober on a muncher plant on a solid “ground” block just under the surface! The bloober is within the block level of the green top, and muncher on the second row below that, and the solid block on the third row under that. This seems to set the bloobers at the right height, where they are big enough that they can be picked up as you pass over them. They also don’t resume when thrown and landing on the ground without hitting anything like other enemies do; they are just discarded, like the vegetables in the original game, so they are the perfect replacement in that respect. Problem is, like other enemies, they can be killed, even when still in the ground, by other ones thrown.
I managed to upload a 99th course and it's kinda a late 4th of July course and this is a food related theme course based off from Winchell's Donut House. Mario is going to Winchell's Donut House.

Mario at Winchell's Donut House ID: GW9-S4C-NRF


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If anyone is looking for super worlds to play, I did upload a NSMBU super world a few days ago. It has a total of 32 courses.


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a NSMBU super world a few days ago. It has a total of 32 courses.
you mean a remix of NSMBU levels, or just levels in the NSMBU option? if the latter, are they all traditional?

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This is exactly what they should have done:

If a mod could do it, then why not Nintendo? Love what they did with the flagpole and exit mask, and that all Boos are now Phantos, and they used the original "Doki Doki Panic" version with the less menacing face, for when the Boo is in sleep mode!.

Also, the same guy redid the SMBU "angry" sun right:
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Alr0k has my vote just for that sun.
I managed to upload the final 100th course in SMM2. I have no more upload slots in SMM2. It's the same TurboGrafx-16 course that I was working on, but I had to reduce it to 3 stages from the 3 TurboGrafx-16 games. The 1st part is Zone 1 from The Legendary Axe, 2nd part is Stage 1 from Cadash, but I had to shrink it due to too much stuff going on in the entire course, and last part was Stage 6 from Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, but I had to make it as one boss battle which is Shaft instead of 4 because I have no idea how to get it cooperate the other bosses showing up.

TurboGrafx-16 (3 Games) ID: C7S-N4R-LGG

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I've long wondered if some of the sound effects are from Ed, Edd & Eddy. Particularly the first two listed here: the firstone sounds like Eddy saying "Help Me!" which I remember from multiple occasions on the show, and the second sounds like him too. Then, on this video, I keep hearing the whistle from the very beginning of the opening of the show (though I don't see that listed in the sounds. The first one is at 1:49, and it seems to be associated with moving the playing character across the build screen. It was when I heard this, I figured "enough"; and I had to ask).
This page: says " Alongside using original, this game mainly uses Series 6000 and Warner Bros. sound effects, alongside selections from Cartoon Trax Volume 1, Foley Sound Library, Hanna-Barbera, Premiere Edition Volume 1, and Series 4000." EE&E was on Cartoon Network, but not sure if it's owned by Warner Bros., or if it's on one of the other libraries (I know it's not Hanna Barbera; and wonder which ones of those are used), and the sounds were exclusive to EE&E.


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If anyone is looking for super worlds to play, I did upload a NSMBU super world a few days ago. It has a total of 32 courses.

I didn't know you were so popular in SMM2, I didn’t know you were from Mexico, and I didn’t know someone actually made a good traditional Super World.

P. S. I’m also from Mexico.


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I didn't know you were so popular in SMM2, I didn’t know you were from Mexico, and I didn’t know someone actually made a good traditional Super World.

P. S. I’m also from Mexico.
What are you talking about? I've never been to Mexico in all my life.