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Very nice to see that at least this game takes out the duplicates from the possible pulls when maxed out!

Lol at the communication error when you try looking at the probability tables, at least they put a message when you try staffing again...
Given how many characters this game has and the amount you need to max them, it's a nice gesture to be able to only get the ones that aren't maxed yet. I am also surprised to see the error message, but I guess it's not a scenario that happens often so I guess it's sort of a placeholder.

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Justice is not limited, it is a universal quality
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Dr. Mario World is going to have character updates in the near future.

Dr. Mario World has character balances listed, and among the listed changes the one that I am most eager about is Dr. Daisy's buffs, where her targetting skill is immediate eliminate (like Fire Mario/Fire Peach/Dry Bowser/Roy/Lemmy) and her VS skill fill is going to be faster. Here are the changes if you want to know:

Stage Mode:
- Dr. Luigi will cover a larger area, from 6 (4 down -> 2 right) to 8 (5 down -> 3 right)
- Dr. Luma & Dr. Baby Wario will join the "if no effect, then eliminate one virus" club.
- Dr. Donkey Kong & Dr. Baby Wario's targeting trajectory will have a speed and path change.

Stage + VS Mode:
- Dr. Diddy Kong & Dr. Baby Daisy will have rainbow capsules as their first capsules when their skill triggers (Diddy's will be two broken capsule but Baby Daisy's will be joined)
- Dr. Daisy's skill will immediately destroy, meaning that her skill has an advantage over Dr. Donkey Kong. It will be similar to how the Fire characters' skills work).

Skill Metre changes:
VS (longer to fill): 8-bit Dr. Mario
Stage (shorter to fill): Dr. Toadette, Dr. Bowser Jr., Dr. Ludwig, Dr. Waluigi, Dr. Baby Mario, Dr. Baby Luigi, Dr. Baby Peach, Dr. Baby Rosalina, Dr. Boo

Attack Metre changes:
(shorter to fill): Dr. Toad, Dr. Daisy (yes!), Dr. Baby Luigi, Dr. Baby Peach, Dr. Lakitu, Dr. Blooper, Dr. Boo

Oh, and for the first time in forever, assistants are buffed.
Trigger % increase for:
- Monty Mole & Sumo Bro (will be easier to get coins)
- Yellow Shy Guy & Sushi (the stray viruses will be likelier targets)
- Porcupuffer, Pokey and Stingby (the time increase ones)
- Cheep Cheep, Pom-Pom, Piranha Plant & King Bob-omb (they are the "eliminate 1" or "eliminate 2" viruses ones; looks like they know they were outclassed by the "virus transformed into objects" assistants)
- Fuzzy & Blooper (you can get the matching colour capsules more easily)
- Chain Chomp & Clampy (getting the rainbow metre filled up more easily)
- Crowber (the +1 capsule will be more easily granted, which is needed as Fish Bone has a better chance of doing it)
- Star Bunny (looks like more fully-sized rainbow capsules are on the way)

Score+ increase:
- Goomba & Swoop (we'll see if they are viable score+ after this)
- Koopa Troopa & Lakitu (capsule boosters)
- Whomp King (more from rainbow capsules)

Skill+ increase:
- Penguin (probably because Ant Trooper grants a better increase)

Thank you for reading.
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