Are there any spirits you think they chose the wrong character to represent?

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Wait now I get it! Cyan normal Mewtwo is meant to represent her colors, while Mega Mewtwo Y vaguely resembles her body shape, which explains why Mewtwo's FS meter charges quickly in this battle

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Still don't get why they didn't use any of the Links for Deku Link.


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made me think of some spirits where the character choice is accurate but ... a lotttt of the other things isnt. heres a rant i typed on a discord in december
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and that came from me being upset at all these spirit battles because Gpd Dam Arcade Bunny Theme Im Goinf To

also it just feels like they superficially looked at the reference material and|||||just went with that

literally where did that come from
YKNOW WIHT THE (in case one of the Heroes is RABBID PEACH, she won't shake. She'll be the usual badass)

also rabbid kong literally shouldnt be on THhree Dee Heckinf Land considering where hes fouht in the og game. put him on like. any of the potential beach locations
whyd they pick mega rabbid kong as the artwork when the battle doesnt even represent mega rabbid kong in particular anyway
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Tell me about it, the original Paper Mario trilogy's soundtrack is criminally underrepresented in Smash for how good it is. It's kind of painful having them use something from Color Splash for those spirits, or resorting to Mario & Luigi.


On subject of paper mario spirits, I have a buncha things to say about king ollys spirit fight since I beat origami king not too long ago.

i kinda understand why they used toon link, because of the hair, but at the same time I feel like there are more fitting characters. I dont get why he spams aerials, like, is it just because olly floats? I mean to me it feels unfitting. Also can we talk about the music? Attack and run is not a bad song by any means, but WHY was it used in this spirit battle? Its so unfitting and doesnt make me think of olly in the slightest. Why didnt they go with like, the grand finale? dont ask me. However I guess metal pacman representing the stapler works.

heres how I can fix this battle: maybe make it take lace in like, castle siege or draculas castle, those or more fitting stages. I get why they chose peachs castle, but still, you dont fight king olly in the actual peachs castle. Maybe make olly a robin or a Pikachu Libre (because olivia is a Pikachu and I hate how fitting it is). The enemy will eventually become giant, a reference to the second/third phase. Also bowser teams up with you in the battle, and you lose the battle if he gets KOd. Stapler will still be in the battle, only this time you start by fighting it instead of fighting it with olly.

Also thats something that bothers me with a lot of paper mario spirit battles, but i dont like that a lot of them just take place in the paper mario stage. Its like the devs didnt feel like checking the source material for a character to find the most fitting stage for them and just decided to pick this stage. Dimentio and kammy for example are fought on this stage, even if they have nothing to do with the areas from sticker star and the ss flavion.


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Zeke (Xenoblade Chronicles 2) really should have been represented by Captain Falcon with an Ore Club, come on their personalities are the same!

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I think that shadow Mario should be Mario not Bowser Jr.Sure he was shadow mario but they don't look alike


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I've got a few issues, but here's two big ones:
Min Min is represented by Corrin, even if you buy Min Min.
Also, Shantae is still represented by ZSS instead of a Mii with the costume.

Also, neither have songs from the series.
(For the record, I have never played Shantae and I haven't played much Arms, but they still really bug me.)