Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)

Princia Ramode

end my suffering
Princia Ramode. Enough said.
I have now temporarily broken free of the Pito shackles and am now voting like a true civilian.

Now that QQQ is done... it only makes sense for Phoenix to enter the stage right?

So, after last month's, ah... spectacle and bargains, this month, I think we all know what's next.

Friends, it is high time to honor a beauty and grace like no other. The heart-clad princess with the theme song that could put you under her spell. Yes, the one and only... Princia Ramode.

I will direct towards this post for why you all should join me in this effort.
phoenix kind of looks like what dr. captain falcon would look like...if you're drunk, anyway. also with all the phoenix wright debates here as of recently it'd be a crime to not get the guy named phoenix in on this.

dai san gen would be perfect for this if they were red/blue/yellow instead of red/green/yellow. i mean, i guess green viruses do exist now with dr. mario world, but it's not the same.
And so, the year of AX continues... but I don't know who with!

#36: Princia - 7 votes
#40: Phoenix - 7 votes

#13: Zoda - 6 votes
#19: Leon - 4 votes
#17: Antonio Guster - 2 votes
#33: Dai San Gen - 2 votes
#00: Rick Wheeler - 1 vote
#20: Super Arrow - 1 vote
#23: Silver Neelsen - 1 vote
#27: Draq - 1 vote
#32: Digi-Boy - 1 vote
#37: Lily Flyer - 1 vote
#33: Lisa Brilliant - 1 vote

That's right, folks, it's the return of sudden death! For those who don't remember the rules (everyone, probably), the first person to vote for Princia or Phoenix who didn't already vote for one of the two breaks the tie and decides who gets covered in MSM this month!
Well, there we have it. Phoenix it is!

Now I need a new preset for issue 165. Such is how life goes. Check back in two weeks for the results!