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Hello, 'Shroom readers! Or people who aren't 'Shroom readers if you clicked on this thread out of curiosity! Welcome to my thread for my new section, Mach Speed Mayhem, where I intend to discuss each F-Zero character until I run out of them!

Q: Do you need a thread for this when you don't for interviews?
A: Yes I do. The reason is because this section features fan participation! There's 47 F-Zero characters for me to discuss assuming we never get a new F-Zero, and I'd have trouble picking them in an interesting order - I might as well roll dice. So, instead, you guys are going to decide the order I write them in!

Q: How, exactly?
A: That's what this thread is for. Every time I post a new section, you can post in this thread and tell me who you want me to discuss for the next section (update: or tell me elsewhere, and I'll keep track in the thread!). Nominations will be open until two weeks before the release of the next issue (gives me a week to write it, which is more than enough), a date I'll make sure to include in the thread. Once they've closed, I'll pick whoever got the most support for discussion! If there's a tie, I'll do a super quick tiebreaker vote with tied characters; if nobody nominates then I'll just RNG from everyone left and feel sad.

Q: Sounds neat! Do I get to pick right away?
A: No, not yet. In order to really get a feel for this section and show you guys how I'm doing it, the October 2018 and November 2018 sections will be pre-decided characters, with December 2018 being the first character picked by readers. Additionally, if I have a fitting character for a special issue who hasn't been done yet, I'll go ahead and lock them in myself - although of course I'd tell you guys ahead of time about that.

Q: So how am I supposed to keep track of everyone who's been done so far?
A: Great question, hypothetical reader! Part of the purpose of this post is to track who I have and haven't done, to make it easier for anyone who wishes to participate. I'm including a chart I'll update with each section to cross out who I've done as I go - eventually it'll all be covered in Xs, and then the section will be over... but not for four years, so I'm good for a while. I'm also including a list of names and vehicle numbers you can crossreference so you don't have to try to remember or guess at the names. Just open the list (which is divided by rows and goes in left to right top to bottom order) and you can go "ah yes the first person in the chart is Captain Falcon"! The thread also includes a list of past sections, so that you can check back and read what I've written in the past!

#07: Captain Falcon
#05: Samurai Goroh
#03: Dr. Stewart
#06: Pico
#01: Mighty Gazelle
#02: Jody Summer
#04: Baba
#08: Octoman

#09: Mr. EAD
#10: James McCloud
#11: Billy
#12: Kate Alen
#13: Zoda
#14: Jack Levin
#15: Bio Rex
#16: The Skull

#17: Antonio Guster
#18: Beastman
#19: Leon
#20: Super Arrow
#21: Mrs. Arrow
#22: Gomar & Shioh
#23: Silver Neelsen
#24: Michael Chain

#25: Blood Falcon
#26: John Tanaka
#27: Draq
#28: Roger Buster
#29: Dr. Clash
#30: Black Shadow
#31: Don Genie
#32: Digi-Boy

#33: Dai San Gen
#34: Spade
#35: Daigoroh
#36: Princia Ramode
#37: Lily Flyer
#38: PJ
#39: QQQ
#40: Phoenix

#00: Deathborn
#00: Rick Wheeler/Ryu Suzaku
#31: Lucy Liberty
#32: Miss Killer/Luna Ryder
#33: Lisa Brilliant
#N/A: Clank Hughes
#N/A: Mr. Zero


Past Sections:

Issue 138 (#07: Captain Falcon)
Issue 139 (#30: Black Shadow)
Issue 140 (#05: Samurai Goroh)
Issue 141 (#25: Blood Falcon)
Issue 142 (#10: James McCloud)
Issue 143 (#09: Mr. EAD)
Issue 144 (#15: Bio Rex)
Issue 145 (#16: The Skull)
Issue 146 (#08: Octoman)
Issue 147 (#00: Deathborn)
Issue 148 (#18: Beastman)
Issue 149 (#22: Gomar & Shioh)
Issue 150 (#02: Jody Summer)
Issue 151 (#06: Pico)
Issue 152 (#01: Mighty Gazelle)
Issue 153 (#11: Billy)
Issue 154 (#31: Don Genie)
Issue 155 (#03: Dr. Stewart)
Issue 156 (#N/A: Mr. Zero)
Issue 157 (#38: PJ)
Issue 158 (#34: Spade)
Issue 159 (#39: QQQ)
Issue 160 (#40: Phoenix)
Issue 161 (#36: Princia Ramode)
Issue 162 (#19: Leon)
Issue 163 (#32: Digi-Boy)
Issue 164 (#13: Zoda)
Issue 165 (#00: Rick Wheeler)
Issue 166 (#04: Baba)
Issue 167 (#33: Dai San Gen)
Issue 168 (#20: Super Arrow)
Issue 169 (#21: Mrs. Arrow)
Issue 170 (#23: Silver Neelsen)
Issue 171 (#17: Antonio Guster)
Issue 173 (#33: Lisa Brilliant)
Issue 174 (#27: Draq)
Issue 175 (#24: Michael Chain)
Issue 176 (#29: Dr. Clash)
Issue 177 (#35: Daigoroh)
Issue 178 (#32: Miss Killer)
Issue 179 (#14: Jack Levin)
Issue 180 (#37: Lily Flyer)
Issue 181 (#26: John Tanaka)
Issue 182 (#31: Lucy Liberty)
Issue 183 (#12: Kate Alen)
Issue 184 (#28: Roger Buster)
Issue 185 (#N/A: Clank Hughes)
Issue 188 (The Finale)

Thanks for reading - this is a section I'm really looking forward to seeing take off. I hope you guys can help me make this as good as I hope it will be!
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Issue 140 is out, featuring everyone's favorite bounty hunter samurai! Unless you're Falcon.

More importantly, this means Mach Speed Mayhem candidate voting is open! If you want to vote, just put down in this thread which of the 44 remaining choices you want to see featured in Issue 141 next month. Don't need a reason, don't need a writeup, it's as simple as putting down Captain Falcon and that's it!

Voting will close on December 8th, and that's when I'll start doing my writeup!

Raiko Horikawa

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Since there's one week to go before I lock the poll, thought I'd sum up every vote so far.

#25: Blood Falcon - 3 votes
#17: Antonio Guster - 1 vote
#02: Jody Summer - 1 vote
#33: Dai San Gen - 1 vote
#10: James McCloud - 1 vote
#16: The Skull - 1 vote
#19: Leon - 1 vote
#09: Mr. EAD - 1 vote

Don't forget you can change your vote if you want to, and in one week it'll finalize who I write about for December!


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Skeleton dude next but im gonna per others and say

blud folcon