What was the last game you owned?


Cosmic Beauty
I downloaded a demo of Brawlout yesterday, but while trying out the game, I've noticed that it was putting a greater amount of pressure on my Nintendo Switch system than any of the other games that I've played; makes me feel doubtful that I'll ever purchase the full game.

On a side note, I pre-purchased Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled along the way, but I obviously can't play that game until the official release date (6/21/2019) has arrived.

Leo Aiolia

I recently just got
Pokémon Moon and Ultra Sun
Borderlands game of the year edition PS4
Bendy and the Ink Machine PS4

Jack Black

No gaming videos this week
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - Gold Edition

It's on sale for £20, and with My Nintendo Gold Points I managed to get it down to £16.

Roll Claus

Rest in Peace Walkazo 1991-2016
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Tennis Aces, and Splatoon 2.
The Ass Creed Ezio trilogy.

I didn't want these games at first because Ass Creed killed Prince of Persia, but they're actually pretty damn good. I underestimated them.

Joanna Dark

Carrington Institute Top Agent
Pokemon Omega Ruby and Fire Emblem Awakening, haven't been able to play either game yet however
~ Nefarious (Nintendo Switch)
~ Crypt of the Necrodancer (Nintendo Switch)
~ Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (Nintendo Switch)

Originally I was thinking about getting Shantae and the Pirate's Curse but only had twenty bucks on my Eshop account to work with and noticed some things on my wish list were on sale. I also got the Knuckles and Zero DLC costumes for Smash.
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