What was the last game you owned?


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Does downloading a demo count? If so, I downloaded the one for Ever Oasis on 3DS. As for a real purchase, it was Mario Party DS on Wii U VC


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Kirby's Return to Dream Land from the Wii U eShop. I'm liking it so far.
Kingdom Hearts 3

Star fox 64 3d
are the 2 most recent additions to my gaming library


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Decided to go ahead and grab Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards off the eShop, though it'll be sitting in my backlog until I finish Kirby's Return to Dream Land in a little while.

EDIT: My brother got Mario Kart 7 and Bowser's Inside Story DX for his birthday today!

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Pokémon Moon.
Yep. I bought my first Pokémon game. Luckily I found it used for a cheap price. It was just on a fling, I had no intention on buying anything when I went into the store, but...


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Depends on your definition of "own". In terms of games in this household, my dad got Dead Space today.

In terms of games I actually own, I did a little Throwback Sunday last month and got Final Fantasy VIII and Chrono Cross, both on the PSX.


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Just got Paper Mario: Sticker Star from the eShop yesterday, but I'm not really able to play it until I get a new 3DS.

Also, my sister got Pokemon Y, so I'll be able to play that too, I guess.


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So on a whim, I have decided to get this game, because I know my cousin is going to arrive in the near future so I felt that it's a good time to do it, even if not necessarily the most ideal time. I thought the price is reasonable online when I last checked, so I got it. This is also a game that some people were basically asking if I have it, but I previously answered that I don't have it (which admittedly was an easy thing to answer to). Despite my misgiving with the game, I still eventually decide to get this game. So what's this game, you ask?

(If you can't view this image, it's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

Thank you for reading.