What was the last game you owned?

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-Assasin's Creed: Unity
-Assasin's Creed: Syndicate
-Assasin's Creed: Rouge
-Bioshock Infinite
-Borderland's 2
-Call of Duty: Black Ops
-Call of Duty: World at War
-Civilization V DLC
-Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
-Dishonored 2
-Far Cry 3
-Fallout: New Vegas DLC
-Final Fantasy III
-Final Fantasy XV
-Grand Theft Auto V
-Mass Effect
-Mass Effect 2
-Metal Gear Rising: Revengence
-Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
-Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
-Mount and Blade: Warband
-NieRL Automata
-Okami HD
-Portal 2
-Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove
-Tales of Beseria
-Tales of Symphonia
-Tales of Zestria
-Tomb Raider (2012/13)
-Valkria Chronicles
-Valkryia Chronicles 4

did this black friday will not buy another game ever

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Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
Metro 2033 Redux and Metro 2033: Last Light Redux

can't wait to play them!

Ray Trace

Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Company of Heroes 2

The former I had preordered, the latter I downloaded for free off Steam.


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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

I already spent 12.5 hours in World of Light and yet I only have 36 characters unlocked. *sigh* It's gonna take forever to unlock everyone.

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I got Mario Tennis Aces and Super Mario Party for my birthday today! My thoughts on each:

Mario Tennis Aces is...pretty good, I must say. But I do have a few gripes--minor and major. My biggest issue is that, as a devoted player of Ultra Smash, I just can't get used to the overhauled controls. It was easy for me to make the jump from Open to Ultra Smash because Ultra Smash's controls were pretty much the same as Open's. But the jump in controls from Ultra Smash to Aces is so much bigger. I don't know how many times I activated Zone Speed when I intended to lunge. The Trick Shot, controlled with the R Stick instead, and it's so much more difficult to use than the old lunge. And why is the rule selection before the character selection? Why can't I make matches longer than one set? Why can't I have full control over doubles partners, or easily be able to choose a court? Also, the motion controls aren't great. But I've had quite a bit of fun nevertheless. Boo Hunt is one of the best Mario Tennis minigames I've ever played. The core gameplay itself seems even better than that of Ultra Smash; I just need to adapt to the new controls.

Super Mario Party is my new favorite Mario Party. Easily. It feels much more polished than MP8, and as nice as it was to see MP9 and MP10 shake things up, I'm happy to see a return to form. I have my gripes with this one too, though. The horizontal Joy-Con is a terrible controller to start with, and although this game uses it better than most, I'd still prefer other controllers that don't give me hand cramps, or require me to constantly switch the hand with the wrist strap on. But the minigames are great, as to be expected. As for the side modes? I haven't tried them all yet. But Sound Stage and River Survival are both fantastic. I have yet to try Partner Party, so I can't share thoughts on that yet. Toad's Rec Room is neat despite the fact I only own one Switch; Mini League Baseball in particular is a lot of fun, and Puzzle Hustle is great as well.

Will these games dethrone Mario Odyssey and Kirby Star Allies as my favorite Switch games? Probably not. But I enjoy them quite a bit nevertheless.


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I first got Super Mario Odyssey after acquiring my own Nintendo Switch system. Afterwards, I've purchased the Nintendo Switch version of Freedom Planet.

I'll probably get Yooka-Laylee next, and there's a price reduction deal for that game right now; it lasts until after New Year's Day.


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On the digital front, I gotten both Fairune Collection and Piczle Lines DX: 500 More Puzzles on Switch. I foresee more Switch sales making room for more deals in the near future, but I got both games because for the former, it is a collection of 4 games and the gameplay look like something I would enjoy (I enjoyed Kamiko for what it had), and for Piczle Lines, I played Pic-a-Pix on Puzzler World and enjoyed it so I know I will enjoy the puzzles in that game.

On Steam I got Typoman, Six Sides of the World and Sonic Mania. Funny story about Sonic Mania: I was RM0.01 short of purchasing Sonic Mania from my credit, so I had no choice but to wait for the next sale since I am not keen on topping my credit for the time being, but a timely Trading Card transaction had made it so that I was able to get that game. As of now I haven't started Sonic Mania while I finished the other two games.

Thank you for reading.


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This is also late, but I got Minecraft and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Christmas!

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Street Fighter V and Shenmue I and II digitally (recently) , Mario Kart 8 Wii U physically (it was a long time ago).


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Legend of Zelda II, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kid Icarus (all on 3DS).


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I bought New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe today, but I didn't play it because I couldn't stop playing Smash Ultimate. I'll definitely play it tomorrow.


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It's so obscure you didn't even say its name right.

It's Rime ya dingus.


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Autocorrect is so bad that I turned it off and allowed myself to make natural typos.


Koops, King of Cowards.
Even with auto correct on you should be able to notice wheneever it replaces words, don't you?

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daily reminder that bitching about typos is infinitely more stupid than any typo ever was

also i bought Fire Emblem: Fates and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia