What was the last game you owned?

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Physically the last game I bought was Star Allies and I don't give away/sell games so if the title is referring to games I've used to own but don't anymore then none for me.


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For me it is Xenoblade Chronicles 2.


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Tropical Freeze physically and the 2 Mega Man Legacy Collections digitally.

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uh i think, physically, i got mario kart 8 deluxe

digitally maybe like playerunkown battlegrounds or something

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Super Mario 3D Land was the last game I bought.

Although if you count digital games via the iOS App Store, then it would be Sonic 2 and Sonic CD (I downloaded them simultaneously).


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Sonic 4 episode II on the app store.

In my opinion, it kinda sucks and it's way too hard. Especially the plane levels and the boss fights. But I'm keeping it because I'm challenging myself to 100% the game.

It's gonna be very hard.
probably Octopath Traveller, I still haven't started it though. Leaving it for a day where I actually want to play it.


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I just got Inversus Deluxe for a 50% discount for the eShop, but I feel I should have thought about it a bit more before getting it. This game is on my radar unlike Oxenfree, since I enjoyed the core gameplay in the demo. You see, I am disappointed that local multiplayer requires each user to have an account, and while online is a good draw, it's probably going to be used for the arcade experience more than the online. It doesn't have a campaign so it's difficult to go back to this game, especially when I am going through Sushi Striker currently. I might play a few online matches since there's still time for free online.

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My brother just got Majora's Mask 3D literally, like, 20 minutes ago. And since I'm going to play it (probably) I'll just put it on here.

Right now I'm looking for Switch games to buy. Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition and DKC: Tropical Freeze are possible options.

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Hollow Knight (Nintendo Switch)

A Fantastic Metroidvania, more then worth the price of £11.

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I got a download code of Affordable Space Adventures from the Mario Awards prizes. I haven't played it yet, but I sure am excited to!


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Super Mario Party has finally arrived yesterday! However I was too tired to play and the Switch had low power, so I will check it out today.

After I unlock Donkey Kong, I am planning to use him in Pep Rally or Take A Stab and see if he uses a stool.

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