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  • okay I just realized Walmart over charges for an okayish trial deck on their website
    yep sticking to Amazon for all my Buddyfight/Vanguard needs
    okay so i'm currently doing what I dubbed the Structure Deck Challenge
    to where I take an old Yugioh Structure deck
    and try to at least modernize it
    Lord of the Storm turned out pretty good in my opinion
    I made a decent casual deck out of it
    but now i'm trying to pick which one to do next

    1 Invincible Fortress

    2 Warrior's Triumph

    3 Starter Deck Syrus Trusedale

    4 Fury of the Deep

    5 Blaze of Destruction

    6 Lost Sanctuary

    7 Dragunity Legion

    and I want you guys to pick which one is the lucky crappy structure deck that I have to revamp
    okay so am I the only one who would actually like to see a Mario spin off for Dynasty Warriors?
    okay am I the only one who wants a Godzilla Dynasty Warriors spin off?
    Kringle Cat
    Kringle Cat
    They did a couple for Gundam, so size isn't a issue, would be nifty
    Leo Aiolia
    Leo Aiolia
    exactly I think a Godzilla Dynasty Warriors spin off would be cool if they did it for Gundam they can do so for Godzilla
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