Tell a story to make the above user's avatar seems spooky!

Susie McCallister

I'm the prettiest girl who ever talked to you
Luigi is stuck in a dark void and the only thing to keep him from losing his mind is to dance

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.
You see that scarf? It's actually a tongue.

And now you see that frog?

It's actually venomous.


Fiery bird with great firepower
A dog with a steak knife? You must be acting like you're a kid who found your dad's gun!


Always remembering Walkazo
He made a deal with the Devil.
Oh wait that's actually canon.

The Dark Core

Did you ever seen the Robotic in a bikini pic?
*Infinatly screams*
A cat fused with a horse. Which then fused with a human and got it’s back decapitated.

Ulfric Stormcloak

Bass singer extraordinaire.
Some dark magic in a cult has awakened the beast that terrorizes towns at night.


Roll ho ho and a bottle of barnacles!
Mario is smiling while killing hordes of Mushroom Kingdom citizens, AKA Bowser's Minions.
"Oh no! Here he comes! RUUUUUU-" SQUISH!

The Dark Core

I am here to hunt you down.


Roll ho ho and a bottle of barnacles!
You know, after Magolor crowned himself, it's strongly implied that the crown took control of him, making him a "sad, empty shell", so it's very possible he's a good guy, and not a bad guy.

You can disregard this post if you want to, as far as the game goes.