Things you didn't notice before in Mario games

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When I had discovered the species of Biddybud, and assumed their role on the boards, I had originally mistaken the "biddy" in their name for "bitty" (small) like the itty bitty spider. It turns out Biddy means "annoying elderly woman". The name being a play on that they're based on ladybugs. Upon this realization I was surprised, but also humored and decided to continue using biddybuddy as my official username.


That thing in New Soup where you can play as Luigi with a button combination? Someone just told me about it. But the last time I played through the game, I realised the easter egg is hidden in plain sight.


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In Yoshi's Crafted World, Red Coins spin the opposite direction of normal coins. Haven't checked any other Yoshi games yet but I think it's unique to Crafted World.

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That's not actually in a Mario game but it has something to do with Mario.

Most Fire Emblem games have two units you get very early in the game, both cavaliers, one in red armor, the other in green. They're partners, or know each other, and have some sort of friendly rivalry.

I just realized those two guys obviously reference Mario and Luigi. Maybe not character-wise but the rest is there.

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In Speed Skating 500m in 2010 Wii, each character type requires a different number of perfectly timed swings in a row to perform a dash. Also Waluigi has a funny losing animation in this event where he falls over, but I can't find a video of it at the moment.