Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!


The idiot who puts things in the wrong board.
It will never be fine, but I'm willing to bet the guy who made it wishes it was an OC he could copyright.


Always remembering Walkazo

a referee

The box-holding powerups in 3D World were designed by Kirby, famous head, arms, and torso destroyer, since Smash Bros Brawl.

Peach, inside a bigger peach that has floating maracas.

Luigi reminds me of an inflatable suit you wear if you want to be rescued. Or not, because the helicopter mistook you for a bloated raft with a goiter chin.

Rosalina, her head being used for nice cherry-on-top topping for starbits cake.

Mario puffing himself up and asking the kittens, who survived an ox trampling, "was the ox as big as this?"

And last and least (in terms of head size), Toad! Cosplaying as a pawn in the red part of checkers, of course.
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(she/her) actual spore creature
the birdo thing utterly baffles me because? in 2018? people are actually more educated about trans people and its no longer acceptable to do crap like youd see in that one smb2 manual and yet. here they are, misgendering birdo, who pretty much is trans, in not only the european version for mta but super mario party TOO apparently. its very upsetting and i wish they just stopped that


Always remembering Walkazo
*sings "Silent E"*