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  • I went to Luigibonus's server April-September 2020.
    Luigibonus went to Super Mario Wiki's server today, which I am in.
    So we met again.
    Larry Koopa: Lord Bowser, why did you call me here?
    Bowser: I want you to do something for me.
    Larry Koopa: What do you want me to do?
    Bowser: I want you to change my appearance using your magic wand.
    Larry Koopa: Why?
    Bowser: So that I can have revenge on Mario. Every time I think about him, I want to beat his family to death till they die.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser. But do you mind me turning you into something random as my magic wand is malfunctioning today?
    Bowser: I don't care what I look like. I only want to get revenge on Mario.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser.
    Click here to see what Bowser had become.
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    The next day, Bowser tried to recall where Mario lived. He then recalled that Mario lived in Brooklyn. He spent a day making a plan to kill Mario without Mario knowing his identity. When it was at night, he entered a Warp Pipe that leads to Brooklyn.

    In Brooklyn, Bowser wanted to surprise Mario, so he stood at the doorstep of Mario Brothers Plumbing.
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    When it was morning, Mario opened his door, and found Bowser at his doorstep.
    Mario: You look very cute! Want to come into my house?
    Bowser nodded. Inside Mario Brothers Plumbing, Mario let Bowser sit beside him. When Mario was not looking, Bowser picked up a baseball bat and beat Mario to death till he died. Bowser then hid Mario's body in a trash can and escaped back to his castle through a Warp Pipe.

    Back at Bowser's Castle, Bowser called Larry Koopa again.
    Larry Koopa: Lord Bowser, you want me to change you back into your original form?
    Bowser nodded. Larry Koopa did what he was told to do.
    Bowser: Larry, what day is today?
    Larry Koopa: It's March 31st, 2021!
    Bowser: Well, according to plan. Since Mario is dead, we can take over Brooklyn as I wanted to do so 32 years ago. Troops? Follow me to Brooklyn!
    Bowser and his troops went to Brooklyn.

    At Brooklyn, Bowser replaced the Statue of Liberty with the Statue of Kooperty. Luigi was walking along the streets when he noticed it.
    Luigi: Hahaha! April Fools' is tomorrow, not today!
    Bowser: Troops? Get him!
    Luigi: NO!
    Luigi ran into a Warp Pipe that leads to the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Bowser: Now that he's gone, we can continue.
    Bowser then replaced the sign for Coney Island with a sign which reads "Koopa Island".
    Bowser: Troops? Replace every sign that reads "Brooklyn" to "Kooplyn".
    They did what they were told to do. Bowser then turned everyone in Brooklyn into bricks using his Koopa scepter.
    Bowser: Brooklyn's now ours. Let's take a break, and tomorrow we will take over the rest of New York and rename it "New Koopa".
    Just then, a plane flew over Brooklyn. The pilot saw everything that Bowser had done and wrote a news report on it. The news was posted online to attract attention of others.
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    The next day, memes of what Bowser had done went viral on the Internet. Even what was once "Super Mario Wiki" was now called "Super Wiki".
    Pit: I could not get his autograph! No!
    Bowser: You're a fanboy of that now-dead plumber, huh?
    Pit: Please spare me!
    Bowser: Never!
    Before Bowser could attack Pit, Palutena came.
    Palutena: Bowser! Stay away from him!
    Bowser: This is none of your business!
    Palutena: But Pit is my angel.
    Bowser: Then prepare to see him...
    Before Bowser could finish his sentence, Palutena summoned her army.
    Bowser: You have an army? I have too! Troops?
    The Koopa Troop came.
    Both Bowser and Palutena: Let's fight!
    They fought. But in the end, both of them were defeated by a person who claims his name starts with "Mar".
    Bowser: I thought that you were dead?
    Bowser grab the person and found out his identity.
    Bowser: What are you doing here, Marth?
    Marth: This is Super Smash Bros., isn't it?
    Bowser: Why do you always remind me of that now-dead plumber?
    Marth: What are you talking about?
    Bowser: Your name and his name is so similar.
    Marth: I can't change it.
    Bowser: Maybe you are him in disguise.
    Marth: What? No!
    Bowser swiped at Marth, but Marth escaped.
    Bowser: Time to that action on that ang...where did they go? By the way, I am tired. I want to take a rest.
    I find it funny how both underage users who ended up being booted are your only followers.
    (I mean, they might not be the only underage ones, but their booting was definitely the loudest. Also I'm not trying to be mean when I say this, I just noticed it)
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