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  • I went to Luigibonus's server April-September 2020.
    Luigibonus went to Super Mario Wiki's server today, which I am in.
    So we met again.
    Larry Koopa: Lord Bowser, why did you call me here?
    Bowser: I want you to do something for me.
    Larry Koopa: What do you want me to do?
    Bowser: I want you to change my appearance using your magic wand.
    Larry Koopa: Why?
    Bowser: So that I can have revenge on Mario. Every time I think about him, I want to beat his family to death till they die.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser. But do you mind me turning you into something random as my magic wand is malfunctioning today?
    Bowser: I don't care what I look like. I only want to get revenge on Mario.
    Larry Koopa: Alright, Lord Bowser.
    Click here to see what Bowser had become.
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    "The picture is wrong!"
    "It's actually correct, just that it looks different."
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    "It's small but deadly. Why is it deadly? Look at the bottom left of its comment."
    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    "The challenger has similar weapons to you."
    Mrs. Arrow:15
    Silver Neelsen:11
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    Wynn Liaw
    Wynn Liaw
    Death Log for a fanfiction
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