Your favourite examples of Rare Sentences on the wiki?

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"There's just no getting around it: Paper Mario: Sticker Star is yet another high-quality entry into Nintendo's cherished library of first party titles. [...] as Mario games go, it's one of the best."
(Okay this may not be the topic of the thread per se but I saw this and had to post it somewhere)
Pak E. Derm said:
Tröti is ein Blödi, weil er ständig im Weg rumsteht. Dabei sind hier gar keine Schüler, die 'nen Lotsen brauchen. (Pak E. Derm is a jerk because he's always in the way. But there are no students here who need a pilot.)

Apparently Pak E. Derm knows how to fly a plane
For Donkey Kong Country Returns, [Risa] Tabata assumed the same position and briefly assumed producer role near the end of development when Tanabe had to call a week off due to lower back pains.

when your back pains are forever immortalised in the annals of video game history