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akira kenjou (left) and yukari kotozume (right) are CANONICALLY lesbians even if toei are cowards and didn't want to admit it officially (but i mean when akira literally says she wants to protect yukari because she cares about her and loves her, yukari's response to an old lady complementing her on having 'a wonderful boyfriend' [akira often gets mistaken for a boy] is to simply comment 'indeed', they have a duet character song titled 'macaronage of love and excitement', and the artists who draw the precure manga have drawn multitudes of gay art of them, I think it's fair to call them canon lesbians)

anyways also got the asexual, lesbian, non-binary, and trans flags in the background cuz, uhh, i am ace, lesbo, enby, and trans

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holy shit guys look at the representation of queer folk, let's keep it up!