What inspired YOUR username?

Elijah Guy

A Shy Guy who Hates Pink Gold Peach
Oh mine! Simple: My 1st Name combined with Shy Guy! Elijah + Shy Guy = Elijah Guy! (It's Also beause I couldn't come up with a Good Username -_-)

Prince Dreambert

Prince of Pi'illo's
My original one, Magolor04726 came from my favorite Kirby character, Magolor, and a bunch of numbers that were supposed to be my birthday.

As for this one, Mason Pines, I got it from Gravity Falls. Dippers actual name is Mason, so I just went with that to see who would get it.


my username comes from Luigi, because i grew up with Luigi's mansion, and as a kid, i was a big fan of Luigi and link, i thought those characters are cool and today im still fans of them.

Bob Craples

2 Cool 4 School
My name is from a sitcom I don't remember the name of, but one specific joke stuck with me. And I based my user name of it.
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Trab Pu Kcip

Is Dark Allison
I also go along the name of Dark Allison, which is based off Dark Homer (a Simpsons related fanfic) and Allison Taylor (not the 24 one, The Simpsons one).


It’s a me, Mario!
I’ve actually been using it for a long time now... about 10 years. I created it when I was 10, (that’s where the 10 comes from), M for being the first letter of my first name, and Gamer because ai like videogames.