What inspired YOUR username?


This may be a personal subject for some of you, but some of us might be curious! Mine's becuase, for one thing, my last name, DeJong. My initials are DDD, or 3D. So, 3D-ejong!
No offense, but that sounds so Chinese or Japeneze.

My name comes from:

Wario, Best Character ever in the Marioverse!

Meat Loaf, best singer ever! He was playing after the ball dropped on New years!

Wario + Meat Loaf = WarioLoaf

Now. My name.

I like Paper Mario.

And my real name is Jorge.

Paper Jorge
....... He just said it, and dubt he spelled his name wrong.

Good question.

I wanted to have "Yoshi" in the name for sure, and not a long name. "Mayoshi" just sounded weird, "Luyoshi" even weirder. "Wayoshi" sounds the best, even though I am not fond of the other character.

Now I'm thinking of "Bowyoshi", "Toyoshi", "Dayoshi"... see how Wayoshi sounds the best?
Weeeeeeelllllllll my original name (Keep in mind, I was young) was Birdo@Subcon because I thought they had to be modeled after emails :oops: Later on, I forgot my password, had'nt registered my email adress, and realized I did'nt like Birdo as much as Toad anyway.

Soooooooo ultimatetoad.
No kidding. This is the second time I've mentioned it. How can I delete it?
Monty Mole said:
My username:

If anyone comes up with a feasible explanation, let me know. kthxbai.

Kay, here's my guess:

You are romantically in love with Monty Mole.

Someguys had really cool user names with Yoshi in it ( no, not the cheezy Toshi and Doshi and Moshi etc. etc.) and I wanted one that showed how much I know about Yoshi's and Mariology. I needed a name to command... to power!

I needed to become the master of all those who would know me...

I needed to become.... the Yoshi Master!!!

Then I made the A in Master to make it sound all white boy slang. :P
I am not a fan of it, but Stitch and his "cousins" are funny.... and cool. Just don't tell anybody I said that. :roll: