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Super Paper Mario.
I really loved the story, how Tippi and Count Bleck get reunited, how they overcome their situation, and the finale is just gorgeous. Second best Paper Mario game.

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Origami King has good music. Prove me wrong.
Origami King 100%. First Paper Mario game I beat, and the first I 100%.
Everyone talking about how Bobby killed himself, but noone talking about how Olivia did too.


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just beat the donkey kong adventure dlc for mario + rabbids. ithink the new battle mechanics were really really cool and its pretty cool that with the fact that they only had 3 characters to focus on they were able to do more character interactions with the cutscenes and victory animations!!! really cool. it was short but really fun! and god GOD i want mario + rabbids 2 even more now even though i already wasnt shutting up about it ever before. imagine the mechanics they could introduce NOW
for some reason the music was just missing during pretty much the whole final battle besides when rabbid kong actually attacked and shortly after that??? so most of the time even if you whale on him and the enemies you mostly just hear enviroment wave noises and rabbid kongs noises too i guess. was that supposed to happen??? it didnt fix when i restarted the battle also no it just stayed like this. weird. no other battle in the entire game has such a lack of music too so theres that too
the final cutscenes were really cute too :] god rabbid peach is great
will be aiming to 100% that too and i still have like three challenges i need to finish in the base game before i 100% that oh man


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BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

I have beaten all of the adventures. If you don't know how this game works, essentially the playable character Qbby and Qucy have the ability to generate boxes by extending them out from their bodies and can be used for various purposes, which include using it as stepping stones or holding down buttons. One of the adventures is only controlling one of the characters at once, and another one consists of controlling both of them (which can be played by two players or one player).

Beating the "Adventure for one" will unlock a new campaign where the player controls Qudy, who is basically a box character that is tall. The way he is controlled is interesting since all his boxes follow his size. His control scheme is also a bit more complex than the standard character since he can bend forward to make horizontal boxes rather than the vertical ones when he's upright.

The game also has costumes, which can be redeemed by spending medals on a capsule dispenser, and its rewards are finite since medals can't be indefinitely hoarded. From what I know, the results are random, but since you can't get duplicates, it's a matter of being lucky. Moreover, choosing specific combinations of costumes will lead to unique descriptions, such as when the "Antenna", "Doe Eyes" and "Thrusters" are selected, it will have the description of "Part Time UFO", which is a reference to HAL's mobile game. Costumes are cosmetic, unlike in past games where specific costumes have beneficial effects (they are now relegated to consumables). However, there is one case where it does something...

Beating all the story modes reward the player with a fragment (two in the two-character one), and when you choose all of them in the "Adventure for one" mode, a unique description will form that you can't see in other modes. Beating the last level with them will trigger an alternate ending that is basically the happier one.

The game is kind of tricky at times, but it has a decent hint system that may cost the in-game currency, but since they can be collected with enough grinding, it's not an issue. This is much better than using Play Coins because I felt that they are best used on Streetpass games where they have more value. The game also has a ranking system that will only be shown after beating a group of levels. Getting S ranks are overall tricky because minimal use of boxes are recommended, and it requires taking advantage of the game's mechanics to reach that target, such as how extending boxes don't count towards the total, but they can be used to interact with things and then retracted.

It's a nice game and it's also nice how it's meatier than the 3DS ones, thanks to having more adventures compared to them.

Thank you for reading.


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Everyone out there having gotten their mitts on Paper Mario Origami king meanwhile I'm loitering here trying to find stuff to emulate before I can find it.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

The predecessor on GBA, Aria of Sorrow is a great game. So is the sequal.

All you need to know. Dawn does have annoying things like the magic seals though. Both games are top-tier, tho, hard to pick which is better for me tbh.

Also Soma is the best castlevania protag and should be in smash.