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harry potter and the philosophers stone (on pc), the second time this year and also the second time ever! this time however i 100% it! not... entirely legit but ill get on detail in the post itself
so ignoring how it does a terrible job of adapting the books (for one, more than halfway through the game youre only at halloween, and then a few minutes after that its suddenly christmas, and then the game just speedruns through the rest of the shcool year for some reason!) its an enjoyable little game though Quite Flawed. the controls are incredibly clunky - you cant strafe, besides specific fights at three points in the game, you cant aim your wand while walking, and the aiming in general is just awful.. the vast majority on the time i relied on using my keys to aim because trying to control it with the mouse actually feels like trying to move the camera with the mouse in rayman 3 i just realised. so basically Bad and it keeps going up and down when i dont want it to

ANOTHER terrible bad AWFUL thing is trying to actually 100% it. this playthrough was a bit more stressful than id like because.. if you miss a card somewhere You Cant Get Back and just get it. youre stuck like this. and i did get stuck at one point and cried! and complained about it in another thread here before realising debug mode existed... i used it to clip through a door and just get the card but its terrible i had to rely on that at all. bad terrible level design. thakn GOD the latter two games of the trilogy fix this
normally its not much of an issue because the secrets are pretty easy to find if you look hard enough but some secrets are just stupid obscure as HELL. i can think of two or three like this. theres a random stained glass window in the lumos challenge that looks no different from any other ones and yet its a SECRET and it leads to a card thats so STUPID!!! normally you can tell what specific paintings/windows/etc are secret but here its not communicated at all???????

generally i think the game does secrets pretty well though!! theres a lot of them scattered throughout hogwarts in the actual levels, occacionally theres even secrets within secrets! and again theyre pretty easy to find if you got a habit of hovering your wand over every slightly suspicious looking spot LMAO. the secrets in hogwarts itself are pretty interesting too with having whole rooms that are mostly there for some immersion(?) and.. some beans with the secrets i guess.
Yeah so thats another problem with the secerts - the fact that the vast majority of them just get you some beans in a game where your beans are already aplenty. it just feels kinda pointless. some secrets feel stupid elaborate and all you get out of them is like, 4 beans and it kinda sucks

and oh yeah some stuff it does is stupid. the game really likes throwing whole bunches gnomes at you which are annoying cause theyre hard to hit with the clunky controls and also i hate their voices LMAO same for pixies though theyre not as frequent. theres also two or so instances of peeves fights and theyre not fun either, hes also hard to hit and takes like a quarter of your hp if you graze him and its just doesnt have much of a reason to be here
and oh! the fights! the final portion of the game is ? ok? i had much less trouble than in my last playtrhough in april (apparently it was april) at least! however trying to make fluffy sleep was just tedious even if i knew what to do. and the quirrel fight itself.. so the first part with sliding blocks is a bit too actiony and its not well designed for a game with controls Like That. the second part was ok

theres not much you do outside of clunky platforming and some mild puzzle solving. little to no side content besides quidditch. and thats pretty interesting.. unlike hp2 you have free flight in quidditch matches and on the first one (of the two) in the game it took me so ridiculously fast to get the snitch LMAO i think its pretty neat! hp2 does quidditch matches by setting you on a path following the switch and you have to fend off the other ... catcher guy and the occacional obstacle. its easier so im not actually sure which style i prefer! (hp3 does quidditch matches by having you watch a singular cutscene and thats it you dont get to play them)
and OH MY GOD i just remembered you cant skip ANY cutscenes this is TERRIBLE

lets move onto pure positives. god it actually looks so unreasonably pretty for a 2001 game??? its REALLY good at outside enviroments, and i think theres even more of them than hp2 has which is a positive! fireseed caves are my favorite part of the game because of how pretty it is and also i adore the.. sfx the fireseeds make
(ignore the glitchy textures in some of the screenshots, transparency just keeps bugging when i tab out and i tab out a LOT)
the music is pretty good too im a big fan! no wonder they kept reusing it for... not just the first three games but i remember hearing some of it in order of the phoenix which is an entirely different gameplay style and everything! thats nuts!
overall its really clunky but enjoyable enough, though trying to collect every card will show some major flaws. the later games would improve on what it does SO much leaidng to chamber of secrets honsetly being one of my favorite games of all time!! ill get to another playthrough of it soon enough as well


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Super Mario All-Stars - Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels

It took long enough, but I finally managed to beat all 52 levels in the SNES version as Mario (maybe I'll do it as Luigi another day). Should clarify that no suspend points were used, but I didn't have to due to certain adjustments made in the All-Stars version, which I'll explain soon.

Super Mario Bros. 2 is, well, obviously the second Super Mario game. It was originally released in 1986 as the flagship Mario title for the Famicom Disk System, which never left Japan. However, as I'm sure you know, Nintendo of America rejected the game for being too difficult for American audiences, and gave us an entirely different game with the same name (I will be playing that one in this marathon, btw; it'll just have to wait until after SMB3 and SMW). It was no joke--despite looking and feeling like its predecessor, the game violates every principle the first game was built on, so it was bound to be divisive from the start...and perhaps too divisive to be released as the sequel to the game that saved games. Fast forward a few years later, and Nintendo of Japan puts this in a compilation of classic Mario titles for SNES. A few adjustments were made to each game, but this one was impacted the most by far, with significant alterations made to make the game actually beatable by the average player. Nintendo of America approved the compilation, simply opting to brand this game as the "Lost Levels" of Super Mario Bros. for its first overseas release. Americans would not get the original, unaltered version until 2007, on the Wii Virtual Console.

So, what alterations were there that changed NoA's minds? Let's start with the most significant one. The original version required players to beat every world on only 3 lives, just like its predecessor; if the player ran out of lives, they were sent back to the beginning of the world. In All-Stars, the default life count was increased to 5 for both this game and Mario 1, but more notably, it's the only game in the compilation that saves after every level, rather than every world. This gives the player an essentially infinite supply of lives to work with, leaving the struggle simply between you and your patience. Furthermore, four of the game's five secret worlds required that 8-4 be beaten a total of eight times in the original; in All-Stars, the player need only beat it once.

Purists will no doubt be disappointed by these changes, and indeed, playing the All-Stars version is a very different experience from the original game. All the levels have exactly the same trolltastic and fiendishly brilliant level design you remember--the difference is that the extra saving opportunities and easier unlock requirements for the secret worlds significantly decreases the emphasis on complete mastery. But while perhaps off-putting to the true Super Player, there are many Mario fans who have neither the time nor the patience to beat the game the way the original laid it out. The All-Stars version is a great way for such fans to find out what these Lost Levels are all about. And as someone who...really doesn't have the skill to beat the original without save states, I found these changes very welcome. The challenge itself isn't butchered at all--it's the amount of frustration and required willpower that's toned down.

So, if you're a Switch Online subscriber, you have access to both these versions--which one should you play? I'd easily recommend the All-Stars version here, but if you enjoyed it enough and have the guts to try, the original may be worth taking on. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting to smash your Switch with Dedede's hammer.


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donkey kong country 2! same save state rules
also because i absolutely fear having to deal with lives i make save states at the start of each level and at the checkpoints. no rewinds and save states beyond that though
looking back on dkc1 now it seems way more simplistic compared to dkc2 like wow.. i love dixies glide and the team up abilities thingies, rattly is really fun to control, i kinda hated squawks at first but by the final few levels i grew to appreciate just how insanely FAST he can be, the music is still awesome too! some levels were pretty cool like rattle battle, toxic tower and screechs sprint!
unfortunately there were more levels i found frustrating than in dkc1 (as my first playthroughs anyway) and king zing in particular was just terrible and bad and awful. i guess theyre both the sorta games that get better the more you replay it? either way it wasnt enough to make me not wanna play the game, i think it was fun enough to not actually mind the levels that much even if i may find them insanely frustrating when going through them themselves! i dont think theyre actually badly designed i think i just suck at the game thats all lmao
the final boss is certainly an improvement too!! i like the music better honestly and hte attacks are more varied and it also gives you some dk barrels between phases!!! thats the best part!!! unfortunately it did take me way too long. estimate at around 2 hours without breaks...... man
anyway my save stats are 30 kremkoins, 6 dk coins(forgot the name), 57%, and a time of 02:27 but thats not accurate at all because i Did use savestates so yea
anyway i cant wait for dkc3!! if theres any pattern here i hope it comes sometime in october


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now harry potter and the chamber of secrets!! i dont have as much of a huge infodump but its better than philosophers stone in basically every way. for one the controls are SIGNIFICANTLY improved and are actually incredibly fun in my opinion, the secrets and new spells are really fun, also its a bit lengthier! still pretty short though
of course it still doesnt do the best job of adapting the books but its still fun as hell and also.. pretty
next up is is the prisoner of azkaban ohh boyyyyy
+all cards, i actually only ever missed one so thats good!
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Kirby Battle Royale

A full review will have to wait--maybe I'll post one when I achieve 100%. The story mode's pretty fun and lasts a good long while (not to mention it has one of my favorite finales in the entire series), but there actually isn't a whole lot to keep you hooked after the credits if you're playing alone. As the game that introduced online multiplayer to the series, you can still find a fair number of matches online, but while it's not dead, it's still rather sparsely populated (as you'd expect from a late-life 3DS game). Download play is supported at least, so couch co-op is your best bet here.

As one of the 3DS' final games, as well as being the last original 3DS Kirby game, it's pretty great and well worth a buy--if you can get it for half price. I'd only recommend full price if you have friends nearby to play with, because otherwise there's very little replay value beyond the final boss. Similar case to Kirby Fighters 2, basically. Battle Royale doesn't deserve its title of "worst-received Kirby game", but if you're playing alone and can't get it for half price like I did, the mainline entries Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot are much more generous content-wise.

Of course, if you're like me, you're a Bandana Waddle Dee fan who would pay $40 for it anyway just for all that juicy dialogue in the story mode. If that's you, be my guest.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Finally sat down and played through this game for the first time through Steam. It's my second Sonic Genesis game after, uh, the first one (and after I played Adventure 2 and Heroes). Keep in mind, I never had a Genesis as a kid and I'm more experienced with Mario and Kirby platformers so my bias is tilted towards that fact. You can read my thoughts about it in this post. A lot of stuff from this game returns in 2, such as the monitors, power-ups, and game mechanics on how to defeat enemies.

Game's pretty much a large improvement over the first Sonic the Hedgehog, though it still reeks of 90's Genesis video game where act select and whatnot are stuck behind a convoluted button press combination that only if you have a guide or something you would know how to access it in-game and lives mean something (I think Mario games back in the NES days before 3 and World also required you press a button but don't quote me). In addition, I do not have access to the & Knuckles variant of the game since I'm playing this on the Mega Drive through Steam, so it requires a mod to play that. I'd love to go back and play as Knuckles someday, perhaps after I experience Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Oh, and you can get crushed by monitors that contain 1-ups for the ultimate irony, which I think is so characteristically jank of this game at points. Like Sonic 1, you still have this tendency to blaze at really high top speeds and run right smack into an enemy you aren't anticipating and the issues of which levels have endless pits and which levels don't is still something that keeps me from fully enjoying parts of it. Water parts of the level are still bleh to play in but at least they're minimal and mostly constrained to optional paths you take in Aquatic Ruins anyway. Having modern stuff like save states is great if you want to learn the game, because, like the first Sonic game, levels DO get more fun when you repeatedly play through them and you know enemy layouts. Learning all the different paths you can take and how the level gets more enjoyable the more you repeatedly play through them is I think one of the things that make the Sonic genesis games fun to play through, despite roadblocks and jank on your first time around. You could also choose to play as Tails as well through the options menu at the title screen (which is a bit cryptic to access to newcomers in this day and age but not as cryptic as level select.

Game plays the same as the first except Tails follows you around, and while he doesn't really add much to the game at all (sometimes helping, sometimes being a hindrance, especially if you try to combo jump into the Eggman fights), he's fine to have around. The introduction of the spindash is very much welcomed compared to the first, where you'll be walking left and right constantly to even try attaining the speed.

For the zones, they cut down the number of acts per zone and instead increased the number of zones, which I think is a good decision to do, as it gives the game a lot more variety as the game expects you to run through levels quickly, and the game adds much more levels to the game, and they are more built towards Sonic's playstyle than some of the weird, slower stuff in the first game. The 10 minute timer returns and it still perplexes me why they even have it in the first place where it has this mix of both not being a threat, but is still something you might need to pay attention to if you're messing around in levels.

Another improvement to the game is the changing up of Special Zones. In the original, I never liked playing through them, the level is extremely disorienting, slow, and just feels nauseating to play as you're in a rotating background and you're like a pinball, jumping around and getting smacked around by bumpers in a psychedelic background. Here, you're running through a tunnel, collecting rings to get a Chaos Emerald. I have yet to collect them all, but I will some day.

Onto the zone breakdown!

Emerald Hill Zone: Just like Green Hill Zone, it's a good starter zone, but it's much more improved over Green Hill, with corkscrews and loops to take. And with two levels, it's a much more streamlined experience where you don't really get tired of the level and you get to whup the fat man's ass in just the second level, who has a ridiculously easy boss fight, much easier than the first game, but not any less enjoyable to whup him. The robotic monkeys are a bit annoying though.

Chemical Plant Zone: The best zone in the game. I don't take any disputes. Its theme is the most recurring one in the series, which I learned after the fact, and it's not the least bit surprising to me. The level is an excellent showcase of how the game better takes advantage of Sonic's speed than the first one does, with all of its loops, waves, and placed jump pads and pipes. This level has the thrilling feeling of being on a roller coaster, and the level rocks with amazing music that gets stuck in my head. While the second act isn't as good as the first (especially for the part where the purple liquid comes up and you can easily drown there, especially if you fall down the level and need to backtrack back up; I actually fell down once and made it all the way back up with only a second to spare...plus there's a part past the checkpoint that has a spring that propels you to fly off, which isn't great), it's still mostly fun to play through for same reasons as the first. Out of all levels in the game, this one is the one I actually want to replay so many times, that's how good it is.

Aquatic Ruin Zone: I never liked Labyrinth Zone from Sonic 1 because I strongly feel water is the epitome of Sonic's design and this level isn't any exception. To sum things up, water lags Sonic to an nth degree, making him control sluggishly, which is all the changing up aspects it serves to do: makes the game worse to play in. The same annoying inconsistent bubbles make their appearance here, in which you'll need, and I hate waiting for them in practically any Sonic game. Fortunately, Aquatic Ruin IS better than Labyrinth, as the underwater segments can be bypassed by taking the upper routes and that there's only two acts (and the boss fight there is fun). The overall graphics of the level is a large improvement over Labyrinth too, I like the jungle aesthetic of the level. Overall, not my favorite level in the game.

Casino Night Zone: Very fun level! I enjoy the pinball elements of the level and even its boss fight is pretty inventive! It's a large improvement over its counterpart, the Spring Yard Zone. Not to mention, I'm a sucker for night city-like levels, and this one has a such a pleasing aesthetic to it. This is easily my third favorite level in the game, and I would happily replay this one! Music in this one is pretty good too, something I'd want to listen to again in my spare time.

Hill Top Zone: My second favorite level in the game. I really dig this one's funky, country, bright background soundtrack, and escaping from the rising lava and killing those dinosaur robots is a bunch of fun. I also like riding those ski lift platforms through the level too, and the second act ups it up. It looks very similar to Emerald Hill, sure, but I didn't really care since the level is very fun to play through.

Mystic Cave Zone: A neat little haunted-themed level. There's a super notorious pit with spikes in it, but overall, it's a good level to play in, more puzzle-oriented by grabbing vines and opening bridges with them. It's probably in the decent range from my terms of overall enjoyment of the level.

Oil Ocean Zone: Very good level, probably is my fourth favorite level in the game. I really like its aesthetic and how it sounds Arabian at points. The seahorse robots can get annoying, but they don't go often in my enjoyment of the game. I like the stage aesthetics, being a bright glowing orange sunset and the complementary purple colors, and there's little fear of pits in this one, as the oil ocean behaves like quicksand you can easily jump yourself out of.

Metropolis Zone: This is the worst zone in the game, and this sucker even has three acts you need to sit through. While it does have some good points and unfortunate good music you're going to associate with, I feel like this is where the level design starts to take a hit for the worse. For starters, all badniks are very annoying enemies and are placed in the most infuriating spots, serving to make you lose your hard-earned rings. The crabs are placed on small cliffs, where they'll snap at you very quickly and you cannot directly jump on them until you wait their approach, thanks to their big claws. The praying mantis robots throw their curving projectiles at you, making frontal approach by rolling into them unfeasible (jumping through them is a safe way to deal with them). And the star-shaped robots are just about the worst, having small, yet annoying projectiles that go in five directions when they explode. It's better that you run past them if you see them. The corkscrew parts plus the star-shaped robots are just about the most annoying combination in the game and a part of the game I can confidentially say it's badly designed, as you need to run to move the screw up, but you also need to avoid the enemies, and even if you jump to avoid them or you get hit by them, you end up falling down, and the screw does NOT come down, forcing you to backtrack to make it come down. Standing and running on them to make the damn things move up PLUS the potential to get crushed by them if you take too far is not any fun at all. There are some fun bits, such as running round in a rotating cylinder and some fast bits such as bouncing on those yellow things but overall, sadistic enemy placement and corkscrews and three acts rather than two make this a chore to sit through. At least the boss is fine.

Sky Chase Zone: A single act where you're flying through the air. For some reason I just suck at this level and kept dying in it lol even if it's so simple. I guess platforming on this one feels a bit disorienting for my tastes, since I always have this fear of falling off the plane even if Tails is extremely helpful in making you not fall. The green propellery robots are annoying thanks to their spike balls.

Wing Fortress Zone: Didn't like this level too much. There's an abundance of a pit here, and any sense of speed you're having is immediately struck short by the chickens manning the turrets. There's one part of the level where you can't even tell what is platform and what isn't, and there's a part of the level that involves a thing flinging you to your doom unless you stop holding down the right stick (which is stupid, because instinctually, no one's gonna do that). On the first playthrough, it's annoying to navigate, and accidental missteps force you to backtrack climbing through the level, which is annoying. Not to mention the music is repetitive and unremarkable and I'm not a fan of it.

Death Egg Zone: Not really a zone, more like a boss level and you have no rings at all, making this challenging. The first boss, Mecha Sonic, is pretty straightforward to beat, except for a jumping spin dash which WILL kill you on your first try if you don't know his attack patterns beforehand, so that's nice. The second boss, the Death Egg Robot, not so much. I didn't know how to damage him, since it felt like any thing I did to him killed me. And those bombs he lobs at you don't even look that dangerous, plus the arm strikes come out extremely fast and unpredictably. However, once you figure you can hit him by jumping into his body in the middle of his walk cycle where his spiky arms can't touch you, and once you figure out you can cheese his attacks by hugging the corners of the room (his arms do not reach the far left and right parts, so you can just stand there to avoid him after he jumps around).

So, once I beat the fat man, my final thoughts? I think it's a pretty solid game, but I'd characterize it as a game with a lot of highs and lows, a more polarizing experience than the Mario contemporaries. The highs of the game are good, sans the classic running into enemies and shit because you don't know they're there, but the lows of the game are pretty bad and not that fun to sit through, especially in the latter parts of the game. It's still worthwhile to play, and I think anyone who has a Steam account should obtain this game for free, though I do recommend people to play the first one first for first, valuable impressions on how the succeeding games improved on the Sonic formula, and I don't regret playing through the first one first and then this one, both are very solid games worthy to be classics. It's even better when you contextualize them in the era they were released in.

+++Very fun and memorable levels
++Improves on the original in pretty much every way, including levels that better take advantage of speed and physics
++Great soundtrack
+Bigger and more levels with more paths, also much more variety
+Addition of Tails and two-player (though I haven't touched the two-player mode)
+Excellent sense of speed, even taken advantage of better than the first.
+Chemical Plant Zone

-Has the same "blaze through level, hit an unseen enemy" stuff from the first; if you didn't like the first because of that, you're not gonna like it here. Can be an acquired taste thing where if you give the game multiple chances, you'll learn to appreciate it better.
-Plays like a 90's Genesis game, though it does feel less like it than Sonic 1.
-Bad parts of the game feel particularly bad, almost feels like a polarizing experience compared to the consistent feel of its Mario contemporaries. Game sorta falls off in the end game, starting with Metropolis Zone.
-Metropolis Zone and every single one of those damn Asterons
-Same bad water mechanics with annoying bubbles from the first one.
13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

very good

I would agree with people when they say there will never be another game similar to this. The longer I go without playing it the more I realise how invested I had become. It's made me rethink how well video games can be used as a story telling medium, or at least set a new bar for what is possible.


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harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (also pc), at last. i dont have as much to say, i did write a big ol notes list but im not gonna post the whole thing because i doubt anyone is that interested about my opinions on a harry potter game
what i can say is that while its decent and fun at times, overall it was very obviously rushed and has tons of padding, in form of forcing you to 100% the game to truly beat it and also constantly forcing you to fight the random enemies. hp2 still beats it in most aspects
however heres the most notable quotes from my notes and my stats
- the spell challenge has more unskippable cutscenes. fun. at least it also overexplains jumping over a pit at one point (thankfully not in a cutscene) and thats absolutely hilarious. [...]
HERES the overexplanation itself, directly from discord:
"press and hold the up arrow key and you will run towards the pit. as soon as you get to the very edge, while not unpressing the key, press the right mouse button and you will do a jump." this is the game explaining to me how to jump over a singular itsy bitsy pit
- as a kid and even now i always found it absolutely hilarious to jump precisely at the floating stairs (that move down) so harry falls all the way to the floor and then just teleports onto the stairs. however its a shame it is a cutscene at all instead of just letting you move around on it
- students dialogue isnt as fun and they keep Reminding You To Do Things ("i HAVE to go replay the carpe retractum challenge!!" "did you know fred and george set up a secret shop??" "im going to the dungeons they say it has the coolest secrets this year..." like thanks sweetie ive done all that! for the record the last one is false theres nothing whatsoever unless you have passwords to go through certain secret paintings)
- neville in the russian translation sounds like a cartoon character and not like a normal 13 year old
- hagrid actually looks better than most other models in the game because hes good and he deserves it
next you go to transfiguration classroom, featuring a really badly animated cutscene besides the part where mcgonagall becomes a weirdly warped cat. seriously though theres no sfx for macgonagall transforming and after she does theres just a still shot of hermione and no one is moving LMAO anyway next up is lapifors & draconifors
- no seriously i love the dragon [note ADDED this was not in the original notes: this is the dragon
- i particularly remember the loading screen for this cutscene saying you can skip a cutscene by pressing enter. which ironically doesnt work on said cutscene.
- after being bullied by 2-frame dementor gifs [...]
- the contrast of flitwicks lively talking animation, and then the next shot just showing the gang sitting motionless turning their heads robotically
- game throws unnecessary pixie fights at you and unnecessary imp fights at you. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban moment
- for a moment lupins model in the cutscene breaks, while hes in the werewolf form, and shows his normal model all stretched to fit the werewolfs proportions. wack
- sirius has an owie moment for some reason so you get to bonk some dementors while being mostly surrounded by 4-frame gifs of them. a dementor still bonks you and another rather visible harry saves you so everything is fine
hermione had a big brain moment and now youre using the time thingy to go and save buckbeak, who never really died because future harry and hermione already saved him. what a loop
- im starting to become convinced imps add nothing to the game besides time wasted
- after finishing with the portraits im buying out all cards i can from a random student on the 8th floor. after buying out everything he starts taking a big ol stroll down the entire grand staircase and into the room with the challenge doors. then he just stops there. and disappears.
- then here comes glacius 2. whats up with the sewer aesthetic? you get to slide a bit, then theres either no music or the music just broke for some reason, but you get to fight some imps, crabs, and some more fire crabs, and then some pixies, and then imps again, and then salamanders i guess, while the framerate just tanks. this is just sad
- harrys exams were literally the saddest challenge in the game. what a way to finish the game
now the stats
translation of each line one by one said:
list of tasks
carpe retractum challenge: 10/10
draconifors/lapifors challenge: 10/10
glacius challenge: 10/10
monstrous book of monsters fight: 5/5
hippogriff flight: 5/5
pixie fights: 5/5
portrait passwords: 8/8
magic cards: 80/80
to beat the game you need to complete all tasks from the list
and the currencies

and look at the loading screen for the final cutscene i just think its really funny


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rayman origins. technically my second playthrough (not counting those before last year that i never beat LMAO). my rules is to get both the lum medal (which also gets you the electoons needed) and trophy on each level, as well as skull teeth. so that is everythin 100%
(slot 2 here)
did beat land of the livid dead too, for the third time i think! also as glombrox who is basically Globox (Evil) and you unlock him for every electoon so im just flexing at this point
according to steam this took 16.4 hours
anyway yea kool game i enjoy
(note again i am still not a rayman fan anymore)


I didn't expect to beat the main content of DKCR3D and Dragon Quest Warriors in the same day, but here I am.
My favorite thing about the DKC series is it's very scenic with great music. The gameplay feels nice too.
Dragon Quest is just plain cute and silly, I love that spin for what is otherwise the standard fantasy rpg universe.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my 10th Mario 3DS title, and to boot, it's the game my 3DS is themed on- Mario & Luigi Dream Team.
I'll also be starting Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.


whatever but anyway i Beat sonic the hedgehog 2 and i got all 7 chaos emeralds in Emerald Hill so i'm goated this took me like 5 months to beat becuse when you're at metropolis zone it gets very difficult to beat eggman so and DeathEgg......all i can say is DO NOT ATTEMPT IN YOUR LIFE & if you do? well basically you're gonna start throwing the genesis around


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I didn't expect to beat the main content of DKCR3D and Dragon Quest Warriors in the same day, but here I am.
My favorite thing about the DKC series is it's very scenic with great music. The gameplay feels nice too.
Dragon Quest is just plain cute and silly, I love that spin for what is otherwise the standard fantasy rpg universe.

Tomorrow I'll be starting my 10th Mario 3DS title, and to boot, it's the game my 3DS is themed on- Mario & Luigi Dream Team.
I'll also be starting Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.
I LOVE dr robotnik's mean bean machine.


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Mostly just try to do chain reactions like stack three of the same color on the bottom....then three of the same color on those....then the color you have on the bottom on top and the top color will fall on the bottom color and so-on. then that will bring refugee beans on the opponent's side....but be sure to keep doing chain reactions or it won't work good.

64-Bit Nintendo Machine

64 Bits of Power!
Final Fantasy 9 Disc #2
I gotta sit my ass down and play the remaining 20 hours of the game.
Queen Brahne tries summoning the eidolon Bahamut in order to kill Kuja (the main villain), it backfires and Brahne's entire fleet of gunboats are destroyed. She then dies, leaving Dagger in tears. Dagger then asks Steiner and Beatrix to help her with ruling Alexandria.
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