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Paper Luigi

Saviour of the Waffle Kingdom
Ight since im watching anime for the first time I decided to go with fate stay night cause it's short. I've watched a few episodes and I'm enjoying it so far. I feel like it'll get better in the later episodes.

Flora Bismarck

God's building a church.
I watched an episode of Youjo Senki. It is a good anime. Its English name is The Saga of Tanya the Evil. It is one of the best anime I have seen. I recommend it. It is so good ad makes an interesting watch.

Princess Viola

CEO of Lesbians
The sole series I keep up with weekly has been put on hiatus thanks to COVID-19. Sucks shit, but maybe I can use this to watch the other entries in the franchise and other magical girl shows or something.


Dry Bowser
I would love someone to make a Pokémon anime that’s more based off the manga. I could hear kids who’ve never read it hiding under their blankets if they see Black Fog on the tv.