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if you didn't like season 1 then there's no reason you would like season 2, it's a slice of life series so you already know what to expect before starting

season 1 is slice of life
season 2 is slice of life
season 3 never

otherwise just watch some episodes for yourself and drop it if you don't like it, unless you're someone who's anal about not having anything on your dropped list in which case don't talk to my dog and/or fish ever again. you can talk to me though.


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Just finished Dragon Ball Super. I think that's the first time I watched something just so I'd recognize characters that may or may not get added to a video game.

The Zamasu arc was my favorite, despite its nonsensical time shenanigans. I thought that the Tournament of Power arc was unnecessarily long, especially when the Beerus and Golden Frieza arcs were wrapped up before episode 30, and I was only invested in the final 20 episodes of it. I also wonder how many more colors Goku's hair and irises can possibly be. Things were already ridiculous when he achieved Super Saiyan God, and that was near the start of the series.


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Has anybody watched Haibane Renmei? It looks interesting since it's short. I feel the anime version is the way to go since it has a conclusion as opposed to the manga, which is too bad since I prefer the manga if available.

Thank you for reading.


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haibane renmei is actually one of my all time favourite animes so i highly recommend it. watching the anime is definitely the way to go, the manga feels more like a prototype for the anime than a standalone work, but the manga and artbooks are worth checking out after if you really liked the anime just as a supplement


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I haven't watched Haibane Renmei yet, but in the mean time, I did watch Yu-gi-oh ARC-V because I was hankering for some Yugioh action since the last time I watched Yugioh was back in the 5D's era. Reason for catching up with Yu-gi-oh is simple: I want to check out the hitherto new Pendulum Summon, which is basically a summoning method that allows the player to summon several monster simultaneously. There are a few things I have learned, namely that 1) The Levels have to be in between so a Scale of 1 and 8 means Level 2 to 7 monsters can be summoned, and 2) Pendulum Monsters go to the Extra Deck when removed from the field.

Before I watched ARC-V, I heard that the ending is seen as unsatisfactory by some people, though I didn't know why, which is why I am a bit more selective with what to watch by the time I almost finished covering the second season, while checking out the summaries for the rest of the episodes. I like that (many of) the characters since they are generally memorable and their deck themes are very good, and was surprised to see some older ones like Gem-Knight and X-Saber. I particularly liked Superheavy Samurai because of their focus on defence, and Performapals because they are very amusing and rather useful to boot.

The duels are also great due to the fact that it's also somewhat more action-oriented compared to past series since the main type of duel is an Action Duel, which is a duel that also uses the field as an advantage, so certain cards can appear to be used to the user's advantage. I feel the potential is not fully realised since many times the types of cards are helpful, and the unhelpful ones are only activated by the main character Yuya.

The show also featured five returning prominent characters (excluding minor ones), and of the five I feel that the two characters from 5D's are handled the best. I can't say much about the one from ZeXal since I didn't watch that one, but I wonder why they changed the characterisation of one of the GX ones, which was strange (though his archetype getting extra support is pretty cool).

I think I might catch up with the episodes that contained duels, since I mainly watched the episodes for the duels anyway.

Thank you for reading.

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watched houseki

really good anime, my favourite is cinnabar shes so cool
i can see why this was highly recomended and very popular, it lives up to it for a reason
the story is very neat (i cant realy get into it much without spoiling so ill put it in the block) and i dont care what you say they all look like girls to me so im gonna call them girls

it gets really sad when antarcticite gets taken away

phos is completely a different person and like it just feels weird

regardless i think s1 sets it up for an even bigger story so thats gonna be cool, itd be cool if sensei turns out to be the real bad guy and lunarians are the good people or something

i just wanna see phos smile again fam

was going to start ichigo marshmallow as recomended by xp but i didnt know which subs to use so i started watching noukome instead the same day

unfortunately horriblesubs were not working so i went with another group, which was fine until episode 8 where an event happened and one of the characters starts talking in a different way which is fine, BUT the sub group decided to use a dictionary to lookup words not common in typical conversations so they put a tl note on the corner every fuckin time and thats where i paused the episode and said FUCK this shit. horriblesubs started working for ep 8 and on so im currently loading that while writing this post lol

seriously those subs are very bad, and im glad im not the only one complaining

anyway about the anime, its decent, alright, the humor is not the best but its an ok show. its only 10 episodes
idk what else to really say, the characters are all whatever really. some guy has a curse wher he has to choose 2 options out the blue and if he doesnt pick one he dies of severe headaches or something, and is working towards goals of cleansing him of the curse as the story progresses by also doing ridiculous missions (like asking women to tell them they like him)


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i never stopped believing she would come back

Lord El-Melloi Case Files anime announced, this ones actually nice since there's only a really slow English translation for the novel/manga right now. Detective Waver solving mysteries n shit with his students.
I heard the crunchyroll subs for Kaguya are bad but that's the only problem I've come across and there's another group subbing it better so I might binge watch it once it's over. or just read the manga again.

Apparently Australia blocked a bunch of sites for downloading/watching subs. 'here's a list of sites that we don't want you to use, also don't use a vpn to access anything on this convenient list pretty please.'

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Miki Hoshii said:
I heard the crunchyroll subs for Kaguya are bad but that's the only problem I've come across and there's another group subbing it better so I might binge watch it once it's over. or just read the manga again.
but you said you werent going to watch it at all
Iori Minase said:
Miki Hoshii said:
I heard the crunchyroll subs for Kaguya are bad but that's the only problem I've come across and there's another group subbing it better so I might binge watch it once it's over. or just read the manga again.
but you said you werent going to watch it at all
I said I was going to wait and see what people say about it and the general reception seems pretty good.

It was a maybe but I already started reading the manga again so it's unlikely anyway.

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today marks an end to the milky holmes era
the final live just finished and they have officially disbanded i guess
it was a good run and i still need to finish watching the holiday ovas but knowing that there will be no more after that is a lil depressing

it jumpstarted soramaru's and mimorin's careers and its pretty great to see how much influence it has put on the world,
im sure it helped some veterans too in the industry with its popularity in japan
i wish i couldve seen this in person :( all my favourite things either stall or come to an end (haruhi im looking at you)

heres some pictures

I decided to read Black Clover since I've heard the name for a while now, it's thoroughly mediocre but it moves at a fast pace so it never feels like it's dragging on. Also the author must have hundreds of ideas for magic powers and that's likely the only reason he wanted to make this manga in the first place. I never really felt like there was any filler and the stuff that started out feeling like that would almost immediately be crashed into by the plot and become relevant. It's still not that great though, the art is nice.

Also I caught up with something no Juliet (apparently the english name is Boarding School Juliet, both are too long so I just call it the Juliet manga) because it suddenly became popular again and I wanted to know why. It started out solid but I dropped it when it changed publishers or changed from monthly to weekly and repeated a lot of early stuff for readers who didn't catch the early chapters. It didn't ever really drop in quality from that point onwards though and lead up to the turning point was super good so I can see why people are talking about it again. Chapters 85-89 were so good, a good example of actually capitalising on 80 chapters of build-up.

I caught up with a bunch of manga I'd been ignoring for the past month or so, I'm sad Sen to Man is over.

Leo Aiolia

I've been watching a lot of Saint Seiya Omega and a lot of the Original Saint Seiya as well
I started reading Radiant. It's weird that it has an anime page but no manga page on MAL because it's french. I'm always skeptical of the 'read/watch past the first volume and it gets good' series but yeah this one gets really good. Maybe because it's made elsewhere but it doesn't feel like it falls into the trappings of a standard shounen manga. It's nice to see the characters and world change consistently instead of just reverting to status quo to give the author a comfort zone to write in.

If it did have a MAL page I'd give it a 9/10.

There was a pilot episode of Lord El-Melloi Case Files that I missed months ago. It was good. No part of the fate series is safe from saberfaces. Waver still throwing tantrums in his 30's.


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finally watched high score girl

didn't expect to like it because i thought it would be like takagi-san and she just beats him at video games and kicks him the balls for 12 episodes but it was actually a really sweet romance
mom best girl
I watched a cam-rip version of the second Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel movie. I saw some things about it and figured I'd just go ahead and watch it before getting spoiled, chances are I'll rewatch it when the BD comes out and then two more times after that while waiting for the finale.

Really good movie, I think it might be hard to really understand everything that's going on without having already read Heaven's Feel since they like to show not tell and there's so much foreshadowing hidden in plain sight but from someone who has read it; it was pretty much a perfect adaptation. There's one scene that's definitely new that was phenomenal at condensing walls of text into a clever visual explanation of the biggest twist in this movie. Also I guess the decision to go with a movie trilogy instead of anime seasons was so they weren't restricted with what they could show if you catch my drift.

movie made by ufotable so it was already guaranteed to look good but god damn it looks beautiful even from a camera, I'm looking forward to watching it proper in like half a year.


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sweet jesus mob psycho 100 season 2 is legitimately already a 10/10 for me and I just finished the 5th episode

everyone needs to put down what they’re doing to watch this now, the sakuga is strong in this one
I watched Noragami S2 finally. Soundtrack is amazing, OP/ED's included. I forgot how good it gets, its been 4 years since I read it. I'm gonna keep reading from where S2 left off, the art is better than I remembered. Me watching a full season of anime, what is this 2015.
Sometimes I like to read about what's currently going on in the Shokugeki manga and cry at how far it has fallen. Just kill it already, how has it not been axed yet. It's like watching a kid with a bright future ahead of them become a drug addict and die from overdose in the gutter. The stagiare arc was so good how did you fuck everything up adkhkojdfd

I watched Mob Psycho 100, it's really good. I saw there were only 9 chapters left of material to work with and assumed it wouldn't be enough for a third season and read them. They were really long chapters so in hindsight I probably should have just waited for a potential season 3 announcement. I also read Helck, it was pretty good for what started off as a gag manga.

Kimetsu no Yaiba looks beautiful, the Breath of Water visuals are still just so cool to look at. It has reminded me that people did initially say that the manga did not pick up until 'the spider arc' and I agree, the content is passable right now but it really starts to shine from that arc onwards and that won't be until close to the half-way point of this adaptation. At least it has pretty visuals and wholesome Tanjirou to carry it until then.