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Well, it's time to rank all of the manga I've read. I'm going to get a lot of flak for this, but hear it is.

JJBA > Naruto > Dragon Ball > FMA > Death Note > OPM
Fire Force has started, it looks amazing, the music is great, OP/ED are fantastic. I wasn't expecting it to get so much care, it's a very style over substance manga so I think they're doing it right. Not that it doesn't have some substance but it prefers fights and fan-service over world building, it wears its age demographic on its sleeve. The world is pretty interesting but information on that is stretched out a lot because its rarely the focus. The uniforms in colour are so good, they already looked cool and the blue glow adds that last touch.

Kimetsu no Yaiba is getting into gear now that the ensemble cast are all present, it was starting to have some serious pacing issues for a few episodes up to this point but if it's so the latter half gets more focus then I'm all for it. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke are my favourite trio of goons so the newest episode was a treat. It feels like shounen anime can be good if they don't drag shit out. It's been feeling like the Boku no Hero manga has been doing that lately so I've kind of lost interest.

Waver Case Files has started, I'm happy to have a Waver centered series. They don't retread ground from Fate/Zero fortunately, everyone is very expressive. Reines VA is strong. I tried Dr. Stone but didn't finish the episode, it didn't look that good so I'm not watching it. The benefit of anime is the sound/voices/animation but if all of that isn't good enough then I'd rather just stick to the manga over wasting 20 minutes each episode.
Kimetsu no Yaiba finished, sad that it's over but the next arc is already greenlit for a movie adaptation so I'm glad it's continuing. The train arc is about the right length for a movie anyway, the arc following it would probably take an entire season on its own with how long it is. I definitely recommend it.
I finished Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet, sad to see it end but happy that that the author didn't drag it on for longer than necessary. For a romcom it has some real fuck yeah moments. I've definitely gone back and read Chapters 86-89 multiple times because it's such a good turning point. I'm sure plenty of manga try and do this romeo and juliet style romance plot but this one did it well. Maybe because it had no shame in hiding it since the mc's are actually just named Romeo and Juliet.

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everyone please watch the konosuba movie if it is airing in theatres it is 120/10

i loved every second of it and it is one of those rare movies that id rewatch and i dont really like watching movies


i wish it featured Darkness more altho i guess she was featured a pretty hefty amount in season 2 and i understand wanting to give megumin the spotlight
but yeah 10/10