Good wishes aren't always good wishes

Granted, but the amount of people in Switzerland causes it to sink.

I wish I had the ability to manipulate time.
Granted, but now marshmallows taste like shaving cream and everyone gets mad at you and drives you out of the country.

I wish my birthday would come faster.
Granted, but it's only on Google Maps and you're not allowed to use VR.

I wish I could get into grad school.
Granted, but the school closes in 30 days.

Granted, but the lemonade is so sour that you taste nothing but lemonade for days. And it's not even good lemonade. It's BAD lemonade that somebody left out in the sun for a week.
I see where you went with this (LOL)

I wish some Pokemon were real. (not Galarian Weezing)
Granted, but you can only go to the physical location, not eat anything from there.

I wish I were a Lucario.