Post screenshots of your desktop.


remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
oh thread came to life
here it is

it actually barely looks different from the post i made a year ago! besides the wallpaper the only notable difference is friendship ended with starbound now minecraft is my best friend
i made the wallpaper myself out of mario maker 2 sprites i dug up from spriters resource 👌 i like t
i change my wallpaper at the start of every month and theyre mario wallpapers most of the time lmao
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my friend made it for me on my birthday

glitchtrap's my favorite character if you couldn't tell


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remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
oh! the lock screen on my phone is a pic of great blue heron i think. it was in this random selection of lock screen pics and i swiped to that and it just. remained that until i set it proper anyway

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As I am a fan of Gangnam Style by Psy, I had to get that wallpaper for my phone.