Post screenshots of your desktop.

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Mine cycles between multiple images, including My Nintendo Artwork, SMO Pictures I took, Fanart and this random Sonic screensaver.


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When I was 12 and nearly 13, my computer broke due to my ADHD or something (which I think may have worsened) and when I had it fixed and Windows was re-installed, my computer's desktop picture had to be solid black with the text "This copy of Windows is not genuine" (I swear, I'M NOT A PIRATE!!!!!!!!!! Screw Piracy!)

I was stuck with that for a year and a half until my Dad used one of the registration codes he still had, so I could have a desktop picture. At first it was of one of those Elsagate videos where the Paw Patrol dies, then it was Zootopia inflation (as a joke), but then I changed it to this.

Yes, that's a Barbie Video Game Hero screenshot. I love that movie, and you should watch it.


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Mine is the MAR10 Day calendar wallpaper. I’d post it here, but if I did, Nintendo would fine me, empty my point jars for My Nintendo, ban me from Nintendo Network, delete my Course World levels, or some other severe punishment because I’d be making a 50-point reward available for none.


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Mine is actually a collab I did with DA artist Bowser2Queen


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Lucario said:
So hey, I'm new with this kind of PC.

How do you set an image as your lock screen?
Assuming Windows 10, open your settings, search for Lock screen or something like that in your language. There should be a background option under the preview, the default value is Windows Spotlight.

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My desktop background is actually a rotating slideshow of stills from MCU movies.
I recently found a no-code-experience-required Minecraft mod creator, which was added just today.

(Sims 4 is my sister's game. I would never own such an abomination myself)