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mario rpg remake producers: hey devs, there is a secret boss you need to remake btw (says this several days before development is finished)
developers: 🤢 but we're tired
producers: put him in the game or else :new: 🔫
developers: *goes on MarioWiki to see what Culex looks like* * "borrows" png, copypastes into game* okay we did it 🏆
apparently the game has leaked if you're looking to play it early and see all the changes through errr... "legal" means
send me the credits if you get there I wanna know who arranged the music for the remake
Shimomura confirming she's involved doesn't inherently mean she arranged everything, especially considering she normally has other people who help arrange her songs nowadays, and whenever she's been involved with a square enix remake as of late she was just a supervisor and actually contributed very little, if any, music.
Just finished the main story. This was the first time I finished SMRPG in general, having only gotten as far as the first Belome fight in the original. Such a good game full of wonderful characters, and plenty of new prerendered cutscenes and remastered music that really amps up the emotional impact. But I guess it raised my expectations too high for a particular part because I was genuinely surprised and disappointed about one thing.

They only remastered half of the credits music. The first half is identical to the SNES original, both in audio and visuals, meaning we were also robbed of a SMRPG Luigi model. I get what they were going for, but the credits music was one of the remasters I was most looking forward to. Sure enough, in the sound test the modern rendition is half as long as the classic one due to only being the second half of the song. The ending cutscenes were FANTASTIC, especially the new pre-rendered sequence at the end of the credits, but man. The lack of a full remaster of that song hurts me deeply. They should have gone with the full classic credits if you have the classic soundtrack selected instead.
I finished the main story in 18 hrs, 59 mins, and 2 seconds. All my heroes were lvl 24. I was using the best moves in Barrel Volcano. I also had the lazy shells ASAP, and did anyone notice the SLIGHT changes in the retro music when you get a 3 and 5+ chain? Speaking of chains, I got a final total of 62 chained blocks and attacks during the Johnny refight alone. Such a charming and fun game. (I wasted a flower tab expecting my max of 99 flower points to rise to 100)
yea it's great, it serves as a really good introduction to rpgs as a whole, while still being fun even if you have experience with the genre