What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies

Beat case 3, Turnabout Academy. Honesty is one of my favorite cases with the best breakdown of the series.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

honestly, this chapter was a letdown.

one problem is that it kinda suffers from the problem of replayability: after you beat it for the first time, it becomes way too easy in later playthroughs. Dont get me wrong, it was fun, but i memorized where diamond island is, i can beat this chapter in like, an hour now.

thats not the only problem tho: sea tower was disappointing. Its way too small and just suddenly ends. Tapes battle was quite fun, but felt way easier than most bosses. The ice vellumental was the exact opposite, and not in a good way (thankfully i watched my brother play it so it wasnt as hard as it could've been).

on the bright side, exploring the great sea was fun, and i liked the trials (except the trial of courage. that one can suck my goombas)

on the other hand, i started playing the green streamer, and nice, we already know who our boss is....


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Harvest Moon (GBC)
Hearthstone and Archero on google play.

First time playing a Harvest Moon game.. so far my favorite part is I get to pick up my pet dog and plop him anywhere.


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not sure if it's because of the stadiums I'm playing on
It is, When you play on the one with the piranha plants that eat you and spit you out on the other side (i don't remember what its called) the AI is really tough, When you play on bowser's castle they are so-so. And you gotta know how to catch a homerun too just right....that helps you win better.

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It is, When you play on the one with the piranha plants that eat you and spit you out on the other side (i don't remember what its called) the AI is really tough, When you play on bowser's castle they are so-so. And you gotta know how to catch a homerun too just right....that helps you win better.
Hm, interesting. Since coming back to the game this week Wario City (night) and DK Jungle were close games, but on Daisy Cruiser (night) and Peach Ice Garden I had more than a 10-run lead by the end.

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

Despite the fact that this streamer was short, it was my second favorite behind the blue streamer. If bobby us the best partner, then kamek is the second best one because DAMN is he accurate with his attacks. Anyway, the bosses were fun, sumo bro was a joke, handaconda was not as hard as people say it is, and BROOOOOOO scissors is literally the scariest battle in any video game ever, knowing that you could get an instant game over at any point (before you ask i got like, 3 game overs because of this fight). I guess the paper mistake beetle kinda counts as a battle so ill talk about it. Its fun, but i was tired of fighting it every time i lost to scissors.

outside of battles, shangri spa was fun to explore, shy guys finish last was really good, and i really liked the character interactions, just like every part of the game.

welp, next time we gonna beat the game since we took out all the streamers, and that means finally no longer hiding from spoilers on youtube....


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Burnout Paradise


favorite car


drove the car that looks like the wario car into a wall of course

for a game released in 2008 i still really like how this game looks today


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100%ed this level, actually getting everything too. It wasn't easy to do this, damn.

I guess the key to beating this is that in the second segment, none of the red coins are the ones swallowed up by the platform when it goes horizontally again.
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Persona 5 Royal

just came here to say the blue alien dude fight with the 30 minute time limit can die in a hellfire and whoever made it can step on one lego. and whoever decided to make hard harder than merciless.

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Paper Mario

After beating Origami King, I remembered: I never actually beat the first paper mario. i remember finishing chapter 1 and then never touching the game again. Thing is, I was emulating this game on my phone (no im not joking) for my first playthrough which was about 2 years ago, and not just was it clunky as hell, but it felt more like laggy mario than paper mario.

With that, I downloaded project64 on my pc since imagine getting an n64 today, and i decided to give the game another go.

I definitely had high expectations, i mean sure, project64 isnt the best emulator ever, so some stuff that isnt supposed to happen happens, but i was having fun. So far i beat chapter 1, which is where i stopped my last playthrough. It does suck that you need to wait to use action commands, like, you cant use them until twink gives you the star bracelet thingy, but after that, the game was way better. Dunno if its the same case as Origami King, where it gets better further in, but we're gonna find out.


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Yoshi's New Island


Well that level was a thorough nightmare. I lost more than 75 lives trying to beat it, and a lot of those lives were lost because I'm trying to jump too early and into spikes in the very first segment.

Just leaving this here: Tails does a better job acting as a supporting platform than you, Poochy. He's really irritating to work with, a lot of deaths were him like, watching me fall to death as he stopped in front me; hell like the first death was like that.

Oh I'm not going to replay this level ever. Unless you want me to put through this torture again to grab images of the Smiley Flowers for MarioWiki. In that case, fuck you. Taking screenshots is annoying in Citra anyway, because I don't think there's a designated button for it, the level requires quick reaction time from you because Poochy moves pretty fast. At least the collectibles in this level aren't difficult to get, overall completing it is so much tougher.


Super Mario 64 on Switch. It doesn't actually hold up as well as I remember, which is tough to admit. Same for Mario Sunshine, but to a far lesser degree (they really should have added the additional movement options like long-jumps). Galaxy isn't clicking with me really, the spin attack and limited gameplay along with the weird perspective is offputting.

...I think Mario Odyssey might be better than I gave it credit for.

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Recently replayed my beloved Pokémon Heartgold, and I'm still convinced it is still one of the best game ever produced. It was a pain in the ass making my way up to Red this time around because I was masochistic enough to choose Wobbuffet as the sixth member of my team, but oh boy the satisfaction.


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well look i finally played sunshine for the first time. i handt played anything on my switch in like, 2 weeks, so it was visibly struggling a lot and so i didnt get much done in the game but here you go. was surprisngly fine in bianoc hills though? not so much on delfino plaza. anyway i only got as far as getting the first shine in bianco hills
i realy like the controls so far! much better than 64s. still not on the level of odysseys but thats reasonable
weird how ive had to fight like three goopy piranhas in this short a time but ok
heres butterflies


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Mario Maker 2

I've recently been working on some troll levels, it will probably be ready next month month or something, but for now, it's really been a success. I feel like as a creator I'm getting better if I just compare the first level that I've made and the last one. I've also learned how to use custom scroll stop, which I think is very useful in troll levels.
first thing you do is go in autoscrolls, then choose custom, which is not available in the subworld. then, build a wall from up to bottom at a place where the screen can't go past. You can customize your autosroll just up and down, and it shouldn't go left or right. If done correctly, the screen will stay in place and won't follow mario anywhere, and mario can't get past the left side of the screen unless something pushes it.

I'm also almost finished with origami king, I've just completed the last streamer, and all I can say is that the game is worth buying.

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GoldenEye 007

The Wii version cuz I remember the game looking pretty good on my old CRT so wanted to see what it looked like emulated in higher res in Dolphin. Uhh it looks pretty good for a Wii game lol.


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I Am Setsuna
Bought it with my stim money. Only went to the first save, so far it looks really nice. In the menu you can look at a catalogue of your inventory and the monsters you've fought. Pengys are adorable cryptids.

Puyo Puyo Tetris
Also bought with stim money. First time playing any Puyo Puyo game, it's cuteness to the extreme. Fun learning the characters and weird world of puyo and tetris.