What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Just beat the third giant boss, so I'm pretty far along now. I heard this boss was painful in the DS version of the game due to the required use of the microphone to blow fire, but it's all touch-based in the 3DS version so I didn't really have anything to worry about. And I feel I've definitely played enough to say that this game is every bit as good as Dream Team, if not even better...then again, I'd probably have to go replay the latter to be sure.

Additionally, in Bowser Jr.'s Journey, I've played through the final quest in Blubble Lake, where Junior and co watch Bowser battle the second giant boss. There don't seem to be many quests left here either, though. It ain't over yet though...can't wait to see how this all ends.

Mario Party 8

Also played this with my siblings lately...specifically, we completed a 50-turn game on Koopa's Tycoon Town in one sitting. It was our first-ever 50-turn Mario Party despite owning the game for ten years...and we learned something: don't ever do it. Ever. (Oh yeah, did you know that if you invest 100 coins into a single hotel, you fully own the place and no one can take it from you? I found that really interesting). Oh yeah, and since you're probably wondering, I finished second with 10 stars and 26 coins, just 9 coins behind Luigi.

Oh yeah it's probably also worth mentioning that I ordered Mario Party DS and it's on its way, so we'll have another traditional-style Mario Party to try out. Looking forward to it!

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

i can't believe bhomas straight up died i thought he was gunna pull a bobbery and come back but no you actually talk to his ghost like what FUCK. bobby was my fave feels bad man

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Paper Mario: The Origami King

I was already saddened and kinda shocked that Bobby died, but then they just had to go and make Mario's hat go down over his eyes like "It's a terrible day for rain" and make Olivia so sad. Haven't cried at a video game for a long time, maybe ever. I didn't expect those tears to come from the latest Paper Mario, that's for sure.


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mario odyssey, i finally got to darker side! took about 2 hours to complete this time and somehow it was way worse than my last time (this is my third time going through it keep in mind)
take 1: got sphynx questions first try, i am very grateful for him too due to the free life up heart being available at his place every time. i died stupidly right at the start of the glydon section due to forgetting you have to HOLD B to glide LMAO
take 2: died in the ring beamers/burrbos section it sucks
take 3: somehow managed to die in one of the EARLIEST sections with lava bubbles
take 4: died in the pokio section by falling into the void. but discovered you can skip the entire volbonan section by continuing shaking the controller using glydon!!!
take 5: fell into the void in the ring beamers/burrbos section by being too eager
take 6: died in the lava bubble section again. its not even THAT HARD why does it keep giving me so much trouble. at least a bit after this i discovered the genius strategy of Ignoring The Magmato Entirely and its been much easier since
take 7: fell into the void in the pokio section again. this aint easy when you only have controller shaking to rely on for launching yourself
take 8: i am starting to wonder how even did it only take me about 5 tries to complete it back in summer 2019. did i get worse at the game? was this my stick all along? did my habit of showing off (leading to stupid deaths) get worse? anyway i accidentally triple jumped off the platform in the ring beamers section and died
take 9: i had 2 hp when going into the ring beamer section. no points for guessing what happened here
take 10: having 6 hp didnt help me with this section either
take 11: thats a new one! the one with blocks that slide in! this was awful!
take 12: more like this whole darker side run is going awful! its been 5 takes since i last was in the pokio section and i get there again and wouldnt you believe i died the EXACT SAME WAY as the other two times i managed to get there at all
take 13: i was in the glydon section and my stick decided it was a great idea to drift forward and i just watched glydon dive directly into the void
take 14: JUST IGNORE THE RING BEAMERS I BEG YOU. keep smakicng the burrbos directly its kinda hard but you dont actually have to deal with 5 things all aiming to deal you damage at once! i hit one on accident and im surprised i made it out of here with only 2 health lost!
anyway with managing to get past the pokio section this time it was THE run!!! still love the apparent theme of just thanking the player for it. the sphynx does it and the spark pylons at the end
i started at 0000 coins due to grinding luigis balloon world the day before and bought the skeleton costume. i ended with 2404 coins from just playing through it! pretty interesting
also turns out ring beamer is in galaxy and the ones in odyssey are called pulse beams whoops
now the hardest final challenge. The Voleyball Moons


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Mario Party DS

So this came in today, and it's actually my first physical Mario DS game--I own NSMB1 and M&L2 via Virtual Console. Anyway, tried out the story mode, and I lost on the first board. It's not very different from Mario Party 8, at least so far, but some of the later boards look pretty exciting so I'm looking forward to trying them out with my siblings.

Also realizing that I own 8 Mario Parties now: 8, 9, 10, Super, Island Tour, Star Rush, Top 100, and now DS. Wow.

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super smash bros ultimate

k so im not posting here much because nothing interesting is happening when it comes to me playing, but ig i fought every spirit again to get a new highscore. i still need to get the trials of mana spirits to get every spirit in the game (theres also the minmin fighter spirit but ill get it when i get minmin)

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Paper Mario: The Origami King (Nintendo Switch)

One more streamer to go...

So far I'm enjoying the game, it's arguably the best out of the modern Paper Mario trilogy... but still falls a little behind the first three games for me. Currently backtracking to previous areas to locate the remaining Toads that I've missed and patch in the not-bottomless holes.


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rayman 3. i kinda spontaneously downloaded better rayman 3 and now i can play it with my whole screen resolution! very cool
also the game kinda glitched in parts and murfy was periodically tposing for a short while and his head just kinda pops off


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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I know I said I'd start this after beating Bowser Jr.'s Journey as well as the remaining Gauntlet bosses in Bowser’s Inside Story. I did the former but it's just too much grinding for the latter, and I've put this on hold long enough. Time to finally continue my Paper Mario marathon.

Anyway, I've played up through the end of 1-1 so far. I want to hold back impressions until I'm further in the game, but I enjoyed Color Splash a lot and so far I like what I've seen here.


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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Beat Megasparkle Goomba in World 1 and played through the Yoshi Sphynx in World 2. I stand by my opinion that this game is criminally underrated and doesn't deserve nearly the amount of hate it gets...it isn't perfect but the gameplay is still very fun and unique. The lack of story and original characters really doesn't detract from the game at all, it still manages to have a ton of charm and personality in the presentation and dialogue. Looking forward to playing more!


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i got the donkey kong adventure dlc for mario + rabbids and so far its an absolute BLAST!!! theres some things it does better than the base game even! im not even sure how close i am to the first boss, whenever that is, (i just got to the level where they introduce those birds just poo honey . Yeah) but i already have a LOT of impressions!
the cutscenes and animations are as good as the base game and theyre so expressive as always i LOVE them.. but the victory animations for each battle are even better, since theres only three characters to work with they can be made to interact with each other in a more meaningful way! also donkey kong does that artwork pose

as for the new mechanics.. rabbid cranky is nothing special in that regard (but thank GOD he has vamp on both of his weapons) but donkey kong is so unique and so FUN!!! you can yeet basically everything wherever you need and its just great. chuck the other party members wherever they need! chuck the enemies at other enemies! pluck the enemies from the ground and also chuck them at other enemies like super mario bros 2! also donkey kong can launch himself off of these dk panel things giving him INSANE movement options if theres enough of them and its just so fun
the new goals ive seen so far are really interesting too. having to bonk stationary objects to win or having to bonk specific rabbids and then getting washing machine pieces they drop. i think its great! the base game mechanics are already fun as is but these are such an interesting spin on it!!!
also those birds that poo honey on the battlefield. so first of all its interesting how it acts basically like pyroclast but inflicting a different status on you! more mechanical variety! but second of all ITS BIRD POOP


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Spider Man on PS4

................................WHY DO PEOPLE HATE THE PUZZLES?!?! They’re so much fun!!

Although if there’s one thing I don’t like in this game is I’m so sick of the constant will they/won’t they bullshit with Peter and MJ. Now I don’t mind that if it’s played for fun like Zidane and Garnet in Final Fantasy IX, but they take it so seriously, and their reasons for breaking up just makes it even more aggravating! We know they’re getting back together! It’s Peter and MJ! How stupid do you think we are?!


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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Beat the World 2 boss...I had the required thing (Kersti didn't complain) and that boss was still brutal. Color Splash's bosses were kinda easy, so I wasn't expecting Sticker Star's bosses to be the polar opposite. Some of the puzzles in this world are kinda tough, too--I didn't need to use a strategy guide for most of them, but you may very well want one handy (I got the online Prima one from My Nintendo a while back).

So far, while not quite my favorite in the series, Sticker Star is still really great and completely undeserving of the hate it gets. It's no original-style RPG but it's still a blast to play, and very creative in many ways--just sans the over-the-top cliche story everyone seems to love about SPM.


HELLO!! Are you finding everything ok?

Unlocked the Diamond Cup. I died multiple times on Big Blue - Ordeal, and consistently on the third lap (the first time was on the thin road leading to the finish), but I thankfully didn't have to restart the Emerald Cup.
Aaaa such a good game, if anything needs an HD Remake it's this