What Super Mario game(s) do you get the most nostalgic for?

Super Mario Bros 3.
Super Paper Mario if we're counting spinoffs, probably Galaxy 2 if we're only including the main series
Mario kart Wii, galaxy, and to an extent the og smb, give me that sense of pure nostalgia
Super Smash Bros. if we're talking about N64 games lol
Strictly nostalgia, all the SNES games. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine. Nothing newer than that. I'm old.
I'm younger, but my mom had me play the NES and SNES before I got any more modern systems. Because of that, I have a lot of nostalgia for Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. Dr. Mario for the NES as well, which I still play with my mom or grandma on occasions.

But eventually we did get the Wii, so Super Mario Galaxy 2, NSMBW, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart Wii, and Brawl all rank highly on my nostalgia lists. I also had a DS, so Bowser's Inside Story is a gigantic nostalgia beast for me. I didn't have any other Mario DS games besides Partner in Time, which I got later, but I do have nostalgia for the online Mario Kart DS mode where everyone joined in as just a Shy Guy
I have a lot:
Mario Party 9
NEW Super Mario Bros Wii
Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

I was going to ask how one would get nostalgic for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam or for Mario Party 9. Then I looked it up, and Paper Jam was released six years ago. And Mario Party 9 was released when I graduated high school! That sure dates me, doesn't it. Sheesh.

Anyway, I'm pretty nostalgic for Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, and Super Mario World (the GBA version specifically). These are the Mario games that I played the most out of when I was younger, and although I have played other games since, they all have a special place within my heart.

Super Mario Odyssey, while not really a nostalgic game as a whole, certainly tugged my nostalgic heartstrings when I played the New Donk City Festival. I'm not ashamed to admit that I got emotional; while Mario's never been super serious or gritty a franchise, it's been one that's stayed with me for a long time, connected me to one of my favorite video game characters of all time, and brought to me an array of friends and experiences that even though I don't speak all of them today, made a big impact in forming who I am now. It's hard to explain the sheer love that that segment brought out of me. I think it's a little beyond words, the sheer joy that it inspired that brought me nearly to tears.

I also have some particular nostalgia for Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Specifically, it's a game I first played not because I owned it, but because my cousin did, and he was stuck in the game, and I offered to help him with it. I haven't seen that cousin in a while, but I'm always happy when I do get to see him. I directly played New Super Mario Bros. Wii with him, too. It's nice to think back on it, especially since my memories of older times are murky (maybe mental health reasons blah blah blah a bit too oversharing for a random forum comment). That I remember something like that clearly enough, the way that we would bully each other in the game's co-op, it's just kind of a testament to why I love video games in the first place. They've really brought me to the people I care about and allowed me to connect with members of my family I otherwise seldom see. I'd also go as far as to say it's probably what's cemented my love of co-op and team play in games in general.
I've made newer memories over several years in my 20's, as my life has drastically changed a handful of times, my 30th Anniversary Year of Luigi Edition 3DS traveled with me through it all.
In the beginning of my 20's, I got my very first apartment to myself. In my free time I played Mario Kart 7 online, and got ridiculously good at it (for me), where it placed me right on the border of medium and expert ranking.
I would go to bed with the game M&L:DT, playing to the next save point before falling asleep.
Then I started college, made some friends, and played ACNH with them. I sucked at designing anything, so I focused on obtaining everything. We went to the island games a lot for fun.
I also played SSB3DS against this one guy on the bus every day. We both sucked, it was fun.
After college, I got into a relationship, and moved to a big city with them. Our relation went sour, and I found comfort in Mario Tennis Open as a hyper-focus escape.

Cue, now. I'm a year out of that relationship, happy living with friends, and working on my passion project to playthrough the entire Mario 3DS library. Sadly my Year of Luigi 3DS bit the dust, but I'm able to continue my journey on my New 2DS XL.
Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3 on SNES, Super Mario 64, Mario Party 2 (also 1-7), and Super Mario Galaxy 1 (and 2 to a lesser extent).

Especially Super Mario World, since back in the early 00's many family members just so happened to have that game on Super Nintendo and knew a lot of the secrets and alternate paths.
Mario Party and Mario Kart DS. I grew up with the DS and those were the first two Mario games I really attached to.
Not to sound like I'm copping out, but, nearly all of them. There are definitely some I like more than others, but if I go into detail on them, I'd be typing an essay! Just know that Super Mario All-Stars introduced me to video games, and ever since then the Mario series has been the source of my fondest memories as a gamer! There's a reason that despite all the other games I've become genuinely interested in over the years, Mario is still my favorite!
Super Mario 64 (both versions), Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario World. If counting spinoffs then Mario Kart DS, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Weirdly I have a bit of nostalgic feeling for Super Mario Maker 1 even though in the grand scheme of things it wasn't that long ago. Mainly because since SMM2 there's been no reason to play it, and there were certain features that didn't carry over such as Mystery Mushrooms and (the massively convenient feature that there was objectively no excuse to keep gone after 1's was taken down) the bookmark site.