super mario

  1. J

    Super Mario 64 DS rec room music

    In Super Mario 64 DS, is the music played for the rec room originally from this game or another Mario game?
  2. JordanI

    Super Mario Sunshine - Multiplayer

    Check out my new video where I play Super Mario Sunshine with Hayjinkz. This video is linked below too! My video: Hayjinkz's Channel: Do not forget to subscribe and tell me how bad I am lol
  3. Owensan013


    NARRATED BY: GRANDPABBIE TOAD (Inspired by StupidMarioBros1Fan's "Goldeneye With Mario Characters" & Giant Panda King's "Gotham 1919-1939") NEW DONK CITY- NIGHT (In the darkness of the night, the moon shines upon the lively streets of New Donk City. City goers of all sorts walk these...
  4. A

    Asking for a YouTube essay on the Mario franchise

    Would you rather an animated Mario Series be story driven or episodic or a mix of both? And in general: what would you like to see from a Mario cartoon?
  5. Switchguy5543

    Are you excited for the 2022 Mario movie?

    Because I am!
  6. Switchguy5543

    What decade did you grow up in?

    I grew up in the 2000s (2000-2009)
  7. Switchguy5543

    What Super Mario game(s) do you get the most nostalgic for?

    I have a lot: Mario Party 9 NEW Super Mario Bros Wii Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
  8. Adamast0r

    Super Mario 3D Land

    I finally got my hands on this title for my 2DS and I'm having a blast with it. I didn't find any thread about it, so I decided to dedicate this little corner of Marioverse to it.