Besides ones that make one invincible, what is the strongest power up?


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I say Bunny Mario, those must be some powerful ears to carry a big plumber and an even bigger plumber, any Mario game is welcomed but I'm choosing to narrow it down and not take power ups from other franchises that Mario crossovers with

Mario: a pumpkin head

What did you think this was all about? Pumpkins!?
Bazooka Mario
Stouter than an iron burrito... Studlier than a snow tire... Faster than a galloping mule!

He is... er... I am...


He can even stop a full-moving train!!!! :^)

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Here's a list of a bunch of powerups that come to mind and the series they're found in:
Smash Ball (Smash Bros.)
Penguin Suit (New Super Mario Bros.)
Koopa Shells in general
Bowser Candy (Mario Party 8. Speaking of, have you signed up for the Trick-or-Treat yet?)
Stone Copy Ability (Kirby)
The highest upgrade of the Poltergust 5000 (Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon)
Lucky Bell (Super Mario 3D World)
Blue Shell (Mario Kart)
Pegasus Boots (Legend of Zelda)
Fairies (Legend of Zelda)
Energy Drink (Brawl Stars. Not that anyone cares of course. : (
Red Shell (Mario Kart)
Cranky Kong (Donkey Kong Country. Not technically a powerup but I'm counting him as one.)
Extra Life (Donkey Kong Country)
Squawks (Donkey Kong Country)

There's probably more that I can't think of at the moment. (Also I'm going to post a list of Brawl Stars stuff later here as well if that's all right)

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The Dark Star, most standard Mario power-ups will likely provide one extra hit against the wave of pure darkness and evil that cannot be avoided and will cast the world into darkness, despair and depression. You'd need teamwork not only with another plumber but with your biggest rival to stand a chance against it. Stone will crumble, flight will run out, fire will be snuffed, fursuits will eventually be reduced to dust in the eternal wind of time. But the night is forever. Mario is sleeping on it

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i feel like the cloud flower from galaxy 2 is much more broken than ppl give it credit for, since youre also WAAAAAAY floatier with it on top of the cloud platforms, and i love it

Not sure if I'd call it my all time favourite mario power up but it sure is a contender