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Let's start off with the latest render:
Basically an extension to the "casual" Mario model edit I posted on my profile. The clothes are from M&S 2020 outfits edited to have some colors and form fitting, while their heads are taken from the SMRP "Switch era" models.
They look good, except Mario's head seems a bit off... Like it's not properly attached to his body.

Well, that's what to expect when you're mixing different rigs together. It's really difficult to make a perfect match with his neck model. Luigi's head, however, does have a built in neck and it's quite easier to align. Either way, thanks!

i myself also have a passion for 3d modeling and rendering but i've been lazy and procrastinating on making my own custom luigi model because the model resource still hasnt uploaded the lm3 model

they look freaking good bro
Thanks! There are actually many other places you can find models, other than TMR. There's a rigged model for LM3 Luigi on SFM workshop that you can convert to a Blender-compatible file.
Wow, those are really well done. I think they could almost pass for official art pieces from Nintendo!
Now here are some of my graphic designs, with my weird headcanon to boot.
MDCN 2020 Open.png

MTMK 2021 open.png

My "headcanon" is that the Mushroom Kingdom TV system is based on the US with most (if not all) of that country's networks operates here alongside the domestic ones owing to those networks' strategical relationship on radio back in the late 1920s. Three stations are featured above; the last one is MNIN-TV and both that and MTMK-TV are owned by the networks.

The castle is rendered, and then edited in Photoshop to superimpose graphic elements.
mpds intro edit-t.png

Mario model by the Super Mario Render Project team
Basically a remake of this a meme image of Mario holding an iPhone 7/8 Plus, but instead I used a Galaxy Note10+ model since I associate him with it more 😁
That image is in turn an edit of a scene from Mario Party DS intro:
Nice ad in the back. Clever touch!
I've always imagined Mario doing this, but also while trying to keep open the jaws of a Porcupuffer because he's always adventuring, and people always seem to call him at the worst times!
Render assortment: September 4
A collection of non-scenery renders, mostly pose remakes.
Original poses
All models are made by the Super Render World team.
Not exactly the most accurate recreations, but I thought I should try doing ones that nobody else have done it before.
Man I always thought that Superstar Baseball Mario's pose is so awkward.
Racer Bros.!

Head models by the Super Render World team
I put them into the MK8 Mii costumes which I thought it'd be cool for them to wear.
Mario's pose isn't exactly good due to how flaky the rig is (which I adjusted it to fit his usual proportions)