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  1. Waluigi Time

    Shmaluigi, Private Investigator: Case Files (lore, behind the scenes, and more)

    Back in July 2021, I started a little 'Shroom section in Palette Swap known as Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, continuing the adventures of the titular detective after his appearances as a roleplay in Rogues in Rogueport Mafia and Sheep Mafia. While these stories are meant to be standalone...
  2. Waluigi Time

    Waluigi Time's 'Shroom Sections

    Fake News 172 - Interview with a Shoe (guest writer) 181 - Game Corner 195 - Bite-Sized Interview (with Rose) 195 - Reel News 198 - Mushroom Tribune (additional dialogue) 204 - Weather Forecast Consumer Corner 177 - Yoshi Egg Cereal 178 - Pineapple Pizza Cereal 179 - Waluigi Time Granola Bar...