What is THE most OP anything in any game ever?


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The Ancient Arrow in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That arrow... I did my first testing on a Lynel. I shot it, it vanished, I walked up, expecting piles of loot and a new loop-hole for free cool stuff, only to find... nothing.
The Infinijump Sticker from Paper Mario: Sticker Star. That thing lets you jump up to 100 times on a single enemy. I killed a mini boss in one turn with it.
The Blue Shell from Mario Kart (Insert number/title here). I found out you can blow yourself up with this puppy once... or twice... or three times... it was "fun"...
And of course, the almighty Hammer from Super Smash Bros. (Insert title here). That thing would be broken in BotW. Imagine hammering Ganon with that thing. INSTANT KILL!!!
The Master Crown from Kirby's Return to Dreamland. When my namesake took it, he became as close to all-powerful as one can get.
Mario from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Yes, you read that right, it's-a-him. In that game, Mario can breath in outer space! That's totally outrageous and I love it.
Kirby from (insert Kirby game here). This puffball is the greatest warrior in the galaxy, he's beaten Galacta Knight several times to earn that title (yet they still don't give it to him) and he can mimic anyone/thing.


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That said... You clearly have not laid your hands upon any of the legendary weapons in FE4: Genealogy of the Holy War. They're called legendary for a reason. And the most powerful of all of them... a white book.

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I had a feeling someone was going to say this and I just want to say Falcon Punch is not broken, if anything it’s broken in the opposite way. It has way too high of a start up to actually be useful, making highly situational. A good sign that a move in a Fighting Game is broken is one that overly centralises the character or meta around it, for example Fox’s Shine in Melee. A good way to check this is how often that character is used in competitive play, and how often that move is used by that character in competitive, and even on the occasions when you do say a Falcon main in competitive play, you’ll almost never see the Falcon Punch.

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idk what you mean by "thing"

ability which the player has to their disposal by legitimate means
well in minecraft prior to 1.9 notch apples could be farmed from zombie pigman farms (now some farms work by getting into the nether ceiling via glitches so arguably aren't legitimate, but others work without bugs so yeah) and they gave you so much regen you were basically unstoppable. also another candidate is that strength potions literally tripled your attack damage and more.

person or form in a video game:
super dimentio. a virtually unkillable god who can rapidly erase and replace the entire multiverse and is only at all vulnerable to a very specific weakness and even then requires a difficult and intense battle
(yes i know he was easy gameplay wise but gameplay =/= story, he was very powerful canonically)


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the hoodboom you play as in one of rayman 3's minigames (sentinel) can actually defeat the knaaren who keep swarming the place. who are frequently described as invincible and rayman was only able to beat one of them, reflux, and even then he could only hurt the staff (which also hurts reflux for some reason). this dude is the most powerful entity in existence

still dies from being punched like 6 times or falling into swamp water though

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technically, you as the player are the most op thing.

i mean think about it. You can control a character and make them do glitches that would be impossible without the player. like, in mario 64, there's no way mario can actually save the princess in like, 5 minutes. And you can also hack the game, which allows you to customize this universe entirely, so yeah in the video game world the player is basically god.


Not to mention you're the one pitting the character against impossible odds and still making them win anyhow.

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the sims 4 is the ultimate testament to how op the player is, since not only can you control characters to be jackasses to others and force them to cheat on their spouses in front of their faces, but you can build walls around them as they drown in their pools.


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Definitely agreed on The Player, nothing more OP than the one puppeting the protagonist and the one who can also perform glitches and mods.


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I would say enchanting magic apparel in Skyrim to reduce the Magica cost to zero so you can spam spells without running out of the stuff. And pair that with a master destruction spell and not even dragons can beat you. You would even tear guard forces apart.


When you’re playing any Mario kart game, and the computer spawns in a red/green shell that knocks you out of the lead and back into second place or further back