Are the Smash community still mispronouncing her name?

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Palutena in Russian is pronounced "Pa-lyu-teh-na."

Doesn't the announce pronounce her name as "Pa-lu-tee-na" though?


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I pronounce it "Tay". Well without the "y" sound, {è} is a more precise way to say how I pronounce it.


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Welp, here's another question: have you ever bugged by Smash community's misconception, or like tournament commentators getting things wrong?

Personally, I'm surprised that many fans confusing the terms "Hitbox" and "Hurtbox" when seeing those Zelda butt memes. Although it doesn't actually "bug" me, but I think it's still confusing for players who use such terms regularly.

Also I'm surprised that some commentators call Roy/Chrom's Side B "Dancing Blade" like Marth/Lucina when it's actually called "Double-Edge Dance". Well, since clones/semi-clones sometimes have different special names, so this also doesn't THAT "bug" me.
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I pronounce her name Pa-lyu-tay-na.


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I think I've heard people mispronounce her name a few times, sometimes pronouncing it "Pa-loo-tee-na", but the way I pronounce it is "Pa-lyoo-teh-na.

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I have a penchant for mispronouncing things so it's no surprise I pronounce her name as "pahloo tee na").


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I thought it was the other pronunciation (pair-loo-tee-na). Then again, all this time I thought Ike's name is pronounced as (ee-kay) because I presume it's Japanese.

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When I've been mispronouncing things long enough I tend to never try to learn the correct pronunciation due to my stubborn nature :/. It's a shortcoming, I know.
That being said I pronounce it as "Pah-loo-tee-nuh".


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On a similar note, my brother and I used to pronounce Rosalina with a short o (like in the word odd) instead of a long o (like in the word ROSE). I blame Calvin & Hobbes, since the babysitter was named Rosalyn, nicknamed Roz. We stubbornly held onto that until Mario Kart 8 came out and Rosie herself said her name out loud.
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