Are Mario and Metal Mario separate entities?

Susie McCallister

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So, here's something I noticed, it seems to be accepted that Mario and Metal Mario are different people, same with Peach and PGP, however, is there really anything confriming this?

For comparison, supposely a Mario and Sonic game mentions Dry Bowser being a separate being than Bowser (Well most of the time), however, with Mario and Baby Mario being playable in the same game at the same time, there doesn't seem to be as many cases of people making them out to be separate characters, why is this treated differently?

King Olly

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This is why I feel like Robo Mario should be the "metallic Mario" playable separately from Mario, he's pretty much the same thing but cooler-looking and not confusable with Mario himself under a power-up. Baby Mario is explainable via time travel as seen in Partners in Time, but the power-up forms make no sense as separate characters, same with Dry Bowser (unless Bowser time traveled to the brief period he didn't have his skin in NSMB and recruited himself from then for some reason)

Though to be fair, i would go ballistic if Mr. L ever got added so it's a bit hypocritical to criticize Dry Bowser as he does invoke a different aura than regular Bowser. But I still think things like Mr. L and Dry Bowser make more sense as roster additions than power-up forms, since their only difference is in the gameplay of the game they're from and they can't use their "power" in Mario Kart anyway, that's what items are for. PGP is even worse since she never was even a power-up.

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I love how in Dr. Mario World, he's called Dr. Baby Mario, not Baby Dr. Mario. Drives home how I see Baby Mario as his own thing.


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maybe its kinda implied with him getting different catchprases like mia mama? he feels more smug to me too though maybe its just the artworks and wasnt really intended 🤷


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Only in games that have no plot. AKA Mario Kart.

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Since there isn't a verified answer, it's my headcanon that Metal Mario (Character) is a discarded Metal Mushroom that retained Mario's form despite Mario no longer being fused with it.

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Oh right i forgot it was represented by a mushroom in a couple Mario Party games for some reason

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That's Wario though. Or Bowser.