30 questions (a question a day) challenge

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Rosalina if we're counting any character with "good alignment" but I guess if it has to be the main protagonist of a game, Luigi.

I guess there's the Blumiere redemption and Bowser in BIS whom if counted would top the aforementioned two

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Day 18- Favorite protagonist
(and Blumiere if we're counting the redeemed character at the end)
I guess there's the Blumiere redemption
A protagonist doesn't necessarily mean "good guy". In the context of the plot, all a protagonist is is someone who the story is focused on, and all an antagonist is is someone or something that obstructs the protagonist's motivations. Bleck is still an antagonist all things considered, even if he changes his mind in the end.

Anyway, favorite protagonist? Not a hard answer.


Striker Mario

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My favorite antagonist and protagonist is the guy on the top left, with a hammer

but I guess the "antagonist" part is a bit of a stretch since it's just one game

kind of hard determining one specific antagonist I really like but Wingo is one, though he appeared in one game (and I wish Wingo was a she).



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Fave protag?

Oh boy. Mario is obviously great so I need to mention him, but Link and Soma Cruz are also top-tier main chars that have my personal preference, not to mention Ephraim and Eirika for FE.


hey rayman were in minecraft
might as well be the one continuing this. next up we have day 19: picture of a game setting you wish you lived in
oh that ones an interesting one! i think spore can make some pretty enviroments so i wouldnt mind living there. as long as its peaceful of course i wouldnt want to randomly be abducted by the grox or something like that

rayman 3 also had a pretty interesting enviroment in the longest shortcut you barely even get to see so maybe there too

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I have total control over this world, I can change its environment and weather, and I can be beserk to anyone I want without any consequences. Best of all, I don't need to eat, drink, sleep, nor worry about money. Everything I want is in here. There are beaches, countless number of cars and modifications, my own home, and sometimes cruising around the city. Yeah, the gangsters want me dead but they entertain me since I can't die and I can burn them to death, where they'll just end up respawning anyway. Oh and my friends are with me as well, always doing my bidding and being friendly with me as well as offering bodyguard help.


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I gotta agree with YFJ on this one. You'd expect me to choose another location but nope, I'd live in DreamLand. Perfect place to goof off for eternity. Why not invite my favorite characters too?



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Day 19: Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in

geek paradise.png

An entire castle filled with merch and memorabilia of Paper Mario games and cat robots that do your bidding? It is even described in-game as "geek paradise."

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Sandbox games or games without a set objective like simulation games without a lose state, without a question. Look at all my favorite games of all time:

Garry's Mod
Spore: Galactic Adventures.
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
The Sims 4

All of those games, I've sunk a lot of hours into. Almost all of them allow me to mod Baby Luigi (or an OC) in some shape or form. I tend to like games that allow me to live in a free world, where I can customize multiple aspects of it.


Garry's Mod lets me take easy snapshots of a large variety of scenery with a plethora of ragdolls of characters from many different series and props while also allowing me to import my beloved OCs. While also letting me shoot zombies and other baddy NPCs to death if I feel like it.


Spore: Galactic Adventures allows me to create virtually most things from the ground up, be it buildings, creatures, vehicles, etc. provided you stick with the complexity limit and provided you use mods. My favorite adventures are the ones I made without a set objective, where I focus on world building and sometimes just finding creative ways to kill creatures repeatedly while they respond.

Grand Theft Auto V enables me to explore the city as Baby Luigi (or an OC) at a leisurely pace, either on foot or on vehicle, and considering the ginormous size of the city, there's a lot to see and learn the layout of, and it's an extremely relaxing game because of it. The trainer mods let you do so without fear of dying and lets you spawn any vehicle you like with any modification you like on it, and oh you can burn hostile gangsters to death too. And I should play through the game's story looking like Baby Luigi, the cutscenes are extremely hilarious because of it.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf enables me to customize my town in many ways, and my favorite aspect of the game is the interior decorations and furniture collecting. The large variety of unlockable furniture means that there is a multitude of sets that I like, and being able to turn my town into a mess is amazing. I mean, look at this screenshot.

03-20-20_9-14-58 PM.png

And finally, the Sims 4 is a relaxing game that you move at your own pace, deciding on, which guy you want to develop and focus on, who should get the relationship working, what kind of personalities do you want, and best of all, the interior and lot decoration, just like Animal Crossing, making our lots look stupid and ridiculous as possible! Game's very addicting because of it, and because you have no obligations to fill it out your Sim's aspirations and goals immediately. Cheats and mods also help bolster the experience, I love trolling my main characters with the "bad" guys and I love interacting with other Sim households I made as well! Oh and Create-A-Sim is so much fun too! I love creating just about the stupidest and ugliest Sims with the most ridiculous clothing and voices.


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Strategy RPGs, and that should come as no surprise.

Platformers follow close behind.


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Day 20- Favorite genre.

While the Mario RPGs are my favorite games ever, I'm gonna say platformer, because outside the Mario universe I tend to enjoy more platformers than any other genre.

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Day 21 - Game with the best story

I'm going to place my bet with all the money in the world that both FawfultheGreat and MiracleDinner will answer this question with "Super Paper Mario".

Anyway, that aside, I haven't played much story-heavy games in actuality. Some of the ones I did play that people noted its story was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but even I found the "good" one, Explorers, to be typical JRPG schlock that never resonated with me. Oh, and I've played Mario RPGs, their stories are fun and charming, but none of them stand out to me either. I mean, aside from Partners in Time having Baby Luigi in it. Some story-oriented games, I did play some bits of it, like Undertale or Metro, but not through the entire thing to have a complete opinion of it, while others, I've just obtained their summaries either through game reviews or summaries, such as Bioshock, Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds, The Last of Us, Uncharted, Final Fantasy VI, VII, Metal Gear, Half-Life 2, Persona, The Walking Dead, The Witcher 3, Silent Hill 2 etc. that I would have loved to play and experience but can't properly add it to this ranking.

I haven't even finished of Tales of Symphonia or Grand Theft Auto IV yet, but they would be candidates for this list. I liked Symphonia's story because it deals with a lot of issues, such as concentration camps, race supremacy, prophecies that talk about sacrifice that end up harming not only close friends, but another world, which is now prospering as the other world falls, and party members that betray you, but in a way that makes sense and stick to their personality and not because "lol I'm evil now", and the game also has pretty strong characterization as well. Whereas, Grand Theft IV's story deals with immigrants from another country looking for opportunity in a new city, with Niko Bellic having a rough history beforehand regarding a war and contributing to this attitude of doing whatever it takes to get by in the rough parts of Liberty City where life can be pretty ugly, especially dealing with loan sharks and mob bosses. What I like about GTA games is that they can address topics that are very uncomfortable, sensitive and not things you'd find in much video games, but do exist in real life, and it's not limited to just GTA IV, as GTA V addresses some of those issues as well. Sometimes they don't handle it with much tact like the infamous torture scene in GTA V, but I feel like in order to fully appreciate their stories, which are very mature, you need to be aware of the context of the world they're developed in.