Who do you DON'T want to see work on Mario?

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There is some people who we simply don't like, here we give reasons why we don't want them coming close to Mario

Ken Penders: Ego certric creepy hack that writes melodrama and thinks he's a genius, he didn't do well with Sonic, something as lighthearted as Mario with him would be a disaster

Adam Sandler: He's already somewhat involed with the cameos in Pixels, but that's as far as he should go, only Hotel Transylvania is something recent he's been that's been any good, and we're probably not dealing with Gendy, keep him away from the Mario movie


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That directing duo that decided they wanted to turn Mario into bladerunner.

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Kensuke Tanabe, at least for Paper Mario. He did great with Luigi's Mansion 3, but his track record with Paper Mario has been bleh and I think that series could do with better direction.

If he sticks around, I can only hope he opens his eyes to the pleas of the fanbase and allows the aspects most of us desperately want back to return. But if he continues with the stubborn insistence on not having any new interesting characters past the mouthpiece of the month, I'd rather have someone else like Ryota Kawade coming back.


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Anyone who wont return Mario & Luigi to having original characters.


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the guys who made metroid: other m

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The so-called """triple A""" industry (EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Rockstar, Epic/Tencent, Gearbox games, Bethesda) can pry Mario out of Gloomtail's cold dead hands. Not only they make games with tons of microtransactions (or put microtransactions in future updates after the reviews come out or put microtransactions in old remasters), lootboxes for "just" cosmetics, day one patches, always-online DRM, thousands of special editions, "roadmaps", and tedious and grindy "live services" for the sake of player engagement, they also subject the employees to the dreadful crunch time or removing their jobs just to cut costs while CEOs get excruciating bonuses and evade paying taxes. Nintendo avoids a ton of the problems associated with the so-called tinkle arghs industry.


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Whoever directed Sonic 06. Even though he did direct Samba de Amigo and Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg.


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Anyone who wont return Mario & Luigi to having original characters.
That was never a problem for that series. Paper Jam was the exception and was a deliberate decision on their part.


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That was never a problem for that series. Paper Jam was the exception and was a deliberate decision on their part.
I hope so but who knows what will happen next?


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Indeed, series might be dead for all we know.


If we're going by all forms of media (games, animation, and comics/manga), there's a few people that come to mind. When it comes to the games, I trust Nintendo has good judgement in who to trust their IPs with. Not counting the movie that Illumination will apparently be making, if they ever make a new Mario show, either as a Western cartoon or an anime, just don't air it on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon. From what I hear, they've been pretty shady as of late when it comes to giving new shows decent air times. I'd say Disney XD; that's where Pokemon the Series is currently situated, and it airs at a decent time every day of the week.


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the meat boy guys

basically if it's the default top-voted answer in a reddit thread about which developer Nintendo should give their property do, it's a Terrible Idea.


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It's a challenging question for me, mainly due to preferring to think of who could do a suitable Mario game. For example, although WayForward is mentioned earlier, I am open to the idea if they did a different character, with my main choice being Daisy since her character is very much compatible with WayForward's main strengths.

Bringing up Ken Penders is another thing, because this is a pretty extreme example that could even be applied to most properties. Even Sonic's current licensees (that would be IDW) are much wiser as to choose more qualified and cooperative writers/artists when they started anew. In fact, I don't think Nintendo's tight quality control would mesh well with Penders' tendency to do what he wants. Perhaps it's a good thing that I haven't seen Penders drew Mario characters.


Anyway, back on topic. Perhaps my contribution would be Marvel and/or DC. They are the biggest two comic book publishers, but I get the impression that they prefer to work with properties that are either their own or within their property (example: Looney Tunes for DC). Their style of writing is not exactly a good match for Mario anyway.

On the video game front, I guess that would be Sony. It's monumentally impossible since they are considered a competitor to Nintendo, but even then, I would say that there is a higher chance for Microsoft to do something with Mario (there are Minecraft custom texture packs with Mario characters, after all). It just felt like Sony had a bad history with Nintendo and that they prefer exclusivity, that on the off chance they must do something with Mario, I doubt they will handle him with the love and care that most video game developers would give if they got the chance to use him. Heck, even Ubisoft made a great Mario game!

Thank you for reading.