The worst moments in attempts to get hype


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Games before they are released have a long time trying to get you to buy it, sometimes it doesn't work, here we talk about it

Personally, I think one of the worst moments in recent history is the Simpson's E3 Panel, they went to E3 to announce a battle royal mode to their non combat involved mobile game, what is the point?


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In April, The Twitter account for Crash Bandicoot announced new content for CTR: NF. However, in those announcements, alongside the original roster of 15 characters, were the 9 newcomers from CNK(including the bosses). Many fans, including me, wanted more characters from the original trilogy of Crash games. And the newbies who have only played the N. Sane Trilogy would probably say to those who know the characters, “Who are these people?”. Seeing these announcements, both me and the fans thought we were deprived of trilogy characters, until 2 of them (Tawna, and Baby T.) were announced for the upcoming Grand Prix events in the upcoming months. I was relieved to see that the developers listened to us! Hopefully, we get the ones we’ve been requesting so that every character has a chance to join the race!

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Watch Dogs footage downgrade

Aliens Colonial Marines. All of it. Probably the worst example of the industry lying to generate hype only to deliver a terrible product.


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No game has disappointed me more than Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash. They really overhyped that one.

Also, Sonic Forces' advertising was pretty misleading as well, particularly because half of the villains shown have no plot significance outside of a couple seconds in a cutscene.

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Bethesda's recent E3 on advertising "there will be NPCs" just ends up highlighting how truly horrendous and unFallout Fallout 76 is.

Also, Randy Pitchford talking about no mictrotransactions in the upcoming Borderlands 3, but it's revealed "it's only cosmetics" and he just doubled down by attempting to redefine microtransactions as "no lootboxes or gameplay changing microtransactions." Like, just imagine the kind of shit if it was, say, hypothetically Nintendo that said "online would be free" and then tried to twist free online by saying, "oh we mean free online and premium online" and the free online is shit.

I still remember the Xbox One reveal too, that it confirmed rumors that it'll be a DRM addled mess, requiring to log in online once every few days or so, authenticate only one copy per game (thus ruining value of preowned games), and advertised the goddamn gimmick that was kinect.

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Princess Mario said:
Bethesda's recent E3 on advertising "there will be NPCs" just ends up highlighting how truly horrendous and unFallout Fallout 76 is.


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SEGA made a fatal decision for the Sega Saturn that winded up badly for SEGA. In E3 when the Saturn was announced, they were faced with the threat of Sony when the latter had announced a cheaper price for their system by saying the one word that made them look better (299!).

SEGA had then made the decision to release the Saturn far earlier than the Playstation, to the inconvenience of other developers, publishers AND retailers because they planned for the system to release later, which ended up badly as there were few games at launch, plus it diminished the trust from their collaborators. Because SEGA was practically a loss leader, they weren't able to survive after the Dreamcast even though their final console showed signs of promise.

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