Reggie retiring as NOA president, Doug Bowser to take over duties


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It's hard to imagine an NoA without Reggie. This is gonna be surreal, but I've heard very good things about Doug Bowser. Gonna miss Reggie though.

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i'm like really sad to see the man go as he's an A+ dude but also i'm glad he's getting to retire and enjoy and life

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Reggie is a great man. Sich a man deserves that we let him rest after he has done so much service to us.

We will miss you as CEO, Reggie. Thanks for everything.


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I'll deeply miss Reggie as a president of NoA. He's had a great run, and I'm sure Doug Bowser can follow in his footsteps

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I'm sure gonna miss him. He always knew what he was doing. He was a fun and cool guy along with Iwata. All those memories of him and Iwata will stay fresh in our minds.

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Well an end to an era. So sad. I hope Mr. :bowser: does things as good as he did. Him having :bowser: in his name must be a coincidence.

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you'll be missed reggie

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reggie still presented in nintendo directs regularly when i started getting into nintendo so needless to say he holds a very special place in my heart not just as a charismatic meme machine, but also as the first of many faces that i now think of when i think 'nintendo'. a nintendo without reggie is something that i've never really experienced. that being said, i'm glad that he's leaving so he can retire and spend more time with family and that its not because of a medical condition or that he's moving to another company. i know that a lot of people didn't like reggie for whatever reasons, but i think he did a great job and wish him well for the rest of his life.

doug bowser hasn't really been in the public eye as much as reggie, but from time to time i've seen articles posted on news sites that have him talk in interviews/press releases/videos etc, and based on those and also his prior expereience, i think he'll do a great job in his new position. and hey, it was funny enough hearing three years ago that nintendo hired bowser, now that he's made his way to president its even better


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Lassi said:
Mr. Bowser
I can't not think of the Koopa Kids in Mario Party 7. They always called Bowser "Mr. Bowser" in that game, most notably in the Last Four Turns Event.


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Doc von Schmeltwick said:

Um, Doug, why have you tied up those Mario & Luigi plushies with a Gamecube controller cord....?
I’ll miss Reggie for all the funny moments he has made, my favourite being before E3 2015, when he said he was competing in the 2015 Nintendo world championships and handing his job over to a little kid named Tanner, than wanting his old job back.

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I'm definitely gonna miss him. He's been such an iconic figure at Nintendo, but I'm glad he gets to enjoy a good retirement for all his hard work and all the memories he's given us over the years. So while Reggie will be dearly missed, I'm also looking forward to seeing what Bowser has in store for us :bowser:


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The NoA will never be the same without Reggie. He delivered his ultimate phrase "My Body is Ready", which turned into a gag for Nintendo and the fans.
And I liked when he said "I'm about kicking ass" in his introduction.

Let's see how :bowser: will deliver PR stuff to Nintendo fans. (he was previously an executive at EA, before working at Nintendo)


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Reggie's been known for some very memorable phrases like how his "body is ready", feeling like a purple Pikmin and yelling at Bill. It seems Doug already is on the right track as he's associated with Bowser of Mario fame. It remains to be seen if he will be able to be perceived as his own person rather than merely being the guy who shares a name with Bowser.

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