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  • Everybody have a fabulous 2020! If 2019 wasn't your year, make sure 2020 is. You have the power in you to do whatever you want to do, no matter how small or great it is. Here's to YOU in this new decade! 🥂
    Losing things can be tough. It's hard to let go of loved ones after their deaths, or breaking up with your partner even though you want to get back together with them. You might have even experienced a loss in a different way - an object you hold dear that you left on the bus or something like that. The initial pain is fleeting, strong, but fleeting. Be able to mourn, but try to let go of the pain.

    My gran recently died on a Saturday evening. I decided to go to work the very next Monday morning. I felt that she wouldn't want me sitting at home doing nothing all day because of her. She would have wanted me to move on. The importance of letting go is just as important as remembering the fond times you had. Keep those memories in your heart, and you'll find the perfect balance to move on. Be strong. ❤
    Sometimes people can have highly controversial opinions on things, such as politics or society. It's these types of opinions that can cause a lot of anger, forcing people to lash out. However, it's often due to a lack of understanding that people hold such rash opinions. Instead of lambasting someone right away, take the time to know this person, and form a calm discussion in order to help show them their mistake. You might not change their mind, but you'll have said your piece, and you might have even learned something yourself. ❤
    John Lennon famously sang "All You Need Is Love". It seems like he's singing about how good it is to receive love, but it could be taken as having nothing but love to give. If somebody is mean to you, you're likely to respond in kind. This is giving them exactly what they want - they just want to see you lose yourself in anger. It sounds weird, but if you show them love when they show you anger, they'll be so confounded that they won't know what to say next. They may not seem it, but showing that you can't be bullied by them affects them greatly. It might even help them become a better person, and the world deserves another good human. ❤
    When I went to University, I was in a class of people in my age bracket - 20-odd students who were looking to start their lives - the youngest chap there was 18 years old at the beginning of the course. Then there was a 53 year old student, who had a pretty tough time in his life up until then. I won’t go into the specifics. This 53 year old student, at the end of the course, achieved one of the highest grades, earning a first class honours for his work. The moral of the story is that no matter how old you get, no matter how messy your life is, it’s never too late to start again. ❤
    Everybody has insecurities. I've often found that bullies who teased me back in school were just trying to cover up for their own problems. I still have people who try to bring me down to this day, but I try not to let it bother me, because deep down I know that they too have their problems, and they refuse to handle them well, so they lash out at someone else. Just remember that nobody can ever bring you down for long. They are just a passing issue that you can either dwell on, or forget about and enjoy the rest of your life. Strength is your greatest ally. ❤
    Too often enough we miss out on the chances that could change our lives for the better. These choices are so very fleeting, and they likely won’t come back around again. It’s important to take those chances as they come, because you’ll never realise what you could have had when it’s gone. Talk to the person you have a crush on. Take the job offer for the start up company. And above all, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. They’re what make us human. ❤
    Even on a smaller scale, being afraid to take risks can cause you to miss out on great experiences. In the past, I've often struggled with talking to people and making friends, but recently I've taken on a new philosophy that I think has helped me. When the idea comes into your mind of doing something such as talking to someone new or sitting next to somebody you'd like to be friends with, don't just sit there thinking of it like "what if I did this" without actually doing anything. Instead, just do it without worrying too much about the possible risks (for small matters like this at least). Overthinking it will just lead to inaction, and then you'll regret not doing it. Most of the time, it will turn out for the best to just do it. Even if it does go wrong occasionally, you'll still be better off overall with this frame of mind then you would if you kept being afraid to take action.
    There's also choices to take that are...well life changing. Honestly, the choice I'm going to take in 2020 is because I'm in a desperate situation. I live in a toxic household with a terrible father who isn't getting any younger and any more willing to pay for my education in an area with a ludicrous housing tax for a single job parent, a mother who is very helpless and I'm going to lose my health insurance coverage very soon. My sister is going to move out to her bf in 2020 all the way up in the Bay area of San Francisco, leaving me with my parents, with pretty much nothing else to lose at this point for me. I am a physically fit person (though I'm out of shape due to lack of exercise, I'm working on that), I at least have a high school diploma, and I have never done any crimes at all. I'm still only 24.

    So, this is why I'm wanting to enlist in the military in 2020. I need to speak with a recruiter soon to prepare for it but aside from my physical health, which I'm exercising to prepare for, I think I'm pretty well cut out for it.
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    When was the last time you had a good hearty laugh? As children we were able to laugh at something so simple. As we get older, we lose that innocence, and we are unable to find most things laugh inducing. If there's something that you find truly funny, hold onto that. The world could always use a little more laughter. ❤
    As humans, we are of a single race. As a race, we can be incredibly harsh and hurtful to others. It is important that we move past these attempts to cause hurt to our own kin. Sexuality, gender identity, skin colour, religious beliefs (or lack thereof), they are all differences that make humans unique, and are parts of life that can hurt when attacked. In a way, you become less human by insulting or attacking people different to you. Do not attack people based on their own individuality. Instead, admire them for their uniqueness. Above all else, do not think someone as better or lesser for having these unique traits. The best trait you can be is human. ❤
    It's true that there's so much horror in this world. However, there's still so much beauty too. If you find there's too much horror and despair, try looking at the beauty in the world away from it all. The simplest things show what a beautiful world we live in, like the sun shining in a beautiful blue sky, or a quiet breeze blowing through the trees. The world isn't all gloom and despair after all. ❤
    You're not unimportant. Neither is anybody else. We're all important in this universe, whether you like it or not. Never think someone lesser for what they've done in the past, but think of them better for how they've acted on their mistakes. It could just save someone's soul. ❤
    It's great to have opinions. They define who we are, what we believe. No two people ever share the exact same opinions. However it's also helpful to take a step back, look at your opinions in a different light, and just consider whether they're good for the world, or whether they're truly harmful to others. You'll never understand how harmful an opinion can be unless you look at it from a different view. ❤
    If you think that there is nobody out there who loves you, nobody out there who cares for you, nobody who would miss you when you're gone, you could not be more wrong. There are always people who care for you, and who only want the best for you in life. Just remember how important you are to people in their lives, how much you make a difference, even if it doesn't seem like it at first. ❤
    A wise man once told me that our lives are supposed to be messy. Nobody is supposed to be perfect, not even by a small margin. You're supposed to make weird mistakes, you're supposed to have problems. Above all, you're supposed to have lessons that can teach you about your mistakes, and how you can learn from them. Stay strong. ❤
    Unfortunately life isn't supposed to be easy. There will always be hardships coming down on you, and you might feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. Don't be discouraged. It can always get better. Don’t give up just because things are bleak. Keep going, and you’ll reach the other side eventually. ❤
    It's ok to cry sometimes, even if there's nothing that sets you off. Sadness is a part of life, and it helps balance out all the other emotions. If you're feeling blue, don't be afraid to let out a few tears. And above all else, don't be afraid to talk to someone. It really helps to let out your sadness with friends and family. ❤
    Just like an iceberg, there is so much more to you underneath than what you see on the surface. Nobody can ever say they know you 100%, because your hidden depths can't ever be known by anybody else. You even have hidden depths that not even you know of. You're so much more powerful than you know. Make sure you own that. ❤
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