Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros All Stars, featuring ports of every smash game so far, with updated ui, but no GameCube controller support (will get added in an update)

Oh and btw its available until March 31st

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Also the c stick is reversed and everything plays as if it's the Japanese version of the game. So weird punching sound effects for Smash 64.


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Making a prediction, Braverly Default 2, Bowser's Fury, Story of Season/Rune Factory, No More Heroes and Monster Hunter Rise are getting spirits sooner or later
Other games I can see getting them are Ghosts N Goblins, Ace Attorney if it doesn't a fighter, Celeste, Freedom Planet, River City Girls, Undertale/Deltarune, more Shantae spirits, Kirby Fighters 2, Part Time UFO, Double Dragon, Cybershadow, Super Meat Boy, Puyo Puyo if it doesn't get a fighter, Ninjala, Fortnite if it doesn't get a fighter, Bit Trip, Five Nights at Freddy's, Golf Story, Namco's "Encore" games, Hades and generally any game that either has a huge fanbase or marketing potential, lots of stuff.


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honestly? i have nothing to expect they frickin gave us sephiroth final fantasy (and also an arms rep years after the game lost relevamce) its likely to be somethin crazy like that

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Yeah, this Fighter Pass has had no cohesion so far. We've gotten a first-party franchise's first character, a third-party franchise's first character, and another third-party franchise's second character. Makes it pretty hard to predict what's next.

I guess it's better than Fighter Pass 1 having consistency the entire time and then breaking it the last minute and confusing everybody.


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Euden who transforms into Dreadkng Rathalos
Both first party and third party at the same time, makes for the possibility bosses and Assist Trophies to become fighters in the same game, Dragalia's history with collabs can get remixes from franchises already in Smash
I would honestly prefer Nefaria as a Dragalia rep but eh


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Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 coming I believe they said next month

not bad, kind of had a feeling Xenoblade 2 might get a character. looks like someone I'll use tbh

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resounding "meh" from me


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All I’m hoping for is more music from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. How the fuck could you not include Colony 9 for a music track?! Oh and for this game’s Calling To the Night, I would really love it if they include Beyond the Sky.

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I feel like this is a good opportunity to include xenoblade x music. That game has a total of 0 songs in smash

Also the addition of myra and pythra made me realize that xenoblade 2 has very little representation when it comes to spirits (theres 8, which is not much) and music (a whopping 3 songs)


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I wonder how the Omega and Battlefield versions of the XBC2 stage is going to be considering Gramps is a living being


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I'm disappointed the Arthur Mii fighter costume doesn't shatter into pieces when it gets hit by anything.

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Honestly I'm happy that we got monster hunter mii outfits because that means they won't be characters and they won't bring me eternal disappointment by being the final character