Mario Kart Tour

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[laughs] "Get it?"
No way, no way!

I got Cat Toad a week early, and Cat Peach in the same 10-pull! I had to empty half of the pipe before I got them (225 rubies spent), and I also got the Cat Cruiser and the new pink glider. I'm good now until the next tour. 😊


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Wait so is Blue Toad or isn't he the Week 2 Spotlight?

Either way I was totally expecting them to just pile all the previous Peaches into the second one like they did with the previous few tours.


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Got Cat Peach plus her kart and Glider, this might be the first time I got all three in the same Tour


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There's no Goomba playable either.


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isn’t it heartbreaking how Kamek is still denied a playable role in the Mario Kart series after getting the boot from both MK64 and 8?
Nope, that's what the fucker deserves for messing with Baby Luigi.

Yeah I think it's weird that this guy can play tennis, golf, and be a doctor but still can't kart race.


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I have to give up Yoshi for 2 weeks 😢


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Aw great I already expended my joke in the Mario vs Luigi event.

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An in-game challenge badge added in the Peach vs. Daisy Tour suggests there's gonna be an Amsterdam track in the future.


Larry Koopa (DJ) and Pauline (Red Light District) confirmed.


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Team Peach is winning. An uphill battle for us in Team Daisy. “Fight on fighter! Don’t let anyone steal your fire!” -For Kimg & Country: Burn The Ships

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And now a burning question: Bowser Jr. is in Team Peach because Peach is his mama, but why are the Koopalings in Team Peach too and not with Bowser and the Koopa Troopas in Team Daisy?

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They put nearly all my favorite characters on Daisy's team, and I'm a Peach stan.

Glad I don't play this game anymore